Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cumbria Is Open

Video by Martin Campbell

The recent floods in Cumbria have certainly caused a lot of heartache for many and a complete recovery will take some time. But in the wake of this, the famous Cumbrian community spirit has emerged, with many stories of the heroic volunteer rescue effort and the determination of local businesses to get back up and running immediately. The county is once again looking tranquil and beautiful, and Cumbria really is open for business. See the video above for stunning footage from this weekend, and come pay a visit.


Andy Hill said...

Dear Kevin, thank you for your true blue support for us here in our county, your kind words and your thought for us in our darkest hour...."we'll get by with a little help from our friends"

jonathan@bestlakesbreaks.co.uk said...

Hi Kevin,
Many thanks for your positive comments. This is exactly what we need. I cited you as a "great ambassador for the Lake District" in a recent interview on Border TV 12th November ( seehttp://www.slow-life.co.uk/page/2/) and I'm chuffed that you've proved me right so soon!
Jonathan Denby www.slow-life.co.uk