Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Toyota - Better Together

Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney recently revealed this clever ad for Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive. It’s even more clever when you know that the spot was filmed in a single take, with no special effects – just some very coordinated guys who put in two weeks of choreography practice. The spot illustrates the idea that two working together are better than one – a metaphor for the petrol/electricity combo – and I think it’s a good illustration of True Blue thinking. Hybrid cars are better for the environment, but they also provide immediate benefits for the people driving them, like fuel savings and increased efficiency. Acknowledging these advantages to people and planet is just one of the ways we can help to make sustainability irresistible.


Andrew said...

I see the ad on TV, very slick. Toyota's are generally seen as rolling whitegoods, however this ad really does present the car as desirable from a viasual perspective. Not quite a lovemark but on the way.

Anonymous said...


Elle Fagan said...

Nice and fun!

I like the set, with the neutrals and flashes of brights. And good energy flow of the unfolding of the message.

And it has Truth on its side. And hope. Because it says,

"We're OK - we're good enough to win with this."...as opposed to to overkill spinblast that immediately says the opposite.

Thank you for sharing.

Every single thing we encounter IS life and IS us. I often comment when media destroys, and takes hype over the line into hysteria.

So thanks for allowing me to comment at this very fine, responsible and constructive message.