Monday, November 23, 2009

Create It, And They Will Come

I’ve been amazed by the global enthusiasm for the iPhone apps that continue to proliferate around the world. Creating an app is as simple as thinking of something useful. It’s the modern day inventor’s route to riches, and the modern day consumer’s lifestyle compressed onto a small device. The creativity just keeps on coming, and it has the consumer at the heart of every decision.

The Urban Spoon app lets you define the parameters of what you want to eat. Anything you’d like to leave to chance, just solve with a shake of the phone. Is That Gluten Free? will tell you what you’re eating while you are at the restaurant. The World Factbook ’09 can solve discussions over dinner. Then GymGoal can help you work it off. And on it goes.

These apps are the ultimate conversation starter. “Have you got this app?” The power of the idea is transmitted every minute through conversation. Phones have got the world talking, but few guessed it would be in this unique manner.

Where was all this creativity before the iPhone opened a space for it? Are we using the other screens in our Sisomo family with the same creative, open approach? Cinemas, TV’s, billboards and bus stops are all waiting for the app magic. The future is wide open, and screens are everywhere. Let’s bring the world’s creativity to every screen, not just the little ones.


Sanand said...

Yes, you are right. The global enthusiasm is staggering.

ozechad said...

I completely agree. Yes the iPhone has ignited creativity but more importantly spawned a new level passion and enthusiasm from non Tech savvy users. Just yesterday a colleague recountered the story of giving one to his mum. 2 days later with no instructions she's raving about it and the apps she's now using. Or my sailing mate (not an Apple fan) can't stop raving about his new navigation app and then this week's release of that amazing card reader app. And to think this is the equiv of the T Model Ford. Thanks Apple, Thanks Steve and Thanks Kevin for making the world a better place!

Mandip Kaur Sandher said...

Excellent viewpoint. Love the title of the blog, and you are right, if the inspiration hits your mind, build the solution because "they will come".