Monday, October 26, 2009

A Billion Views Can’t Be Wrong

TV will never die, YouTube will never kill it. YouTube (or its future manifestations) will never die either, TV will never kill it. We’re in the world of and/and, where possibilities are not mutually exclusive and creative exposure is based on merit.

A couple of weeks ago, YouTube hit a billion views a day, and the inevitable happened. TV and YouTube are looking at working together. The Daily Telegraph says that the UK’s Channel 4 is looking at a deal to sell its own advertising around its own content on YouTube and sharing the revenue with YouTube (read Google). It’s like someone moving into your house, renting your living room unsolicited, and giving you a cut of the profits. And I say, good luck to them!!

The power is with the creative champions, and YouTube have proven to be just that. As Steve Jobs said, “creativity is just connecting things”. YouTube have connected the techno-geeks, mobile phone users, and home movie recorders together like never before. Their revenue share model has been around for a while, and high volume users are already benefiting from a share of the profits. So why not a TV Channel? It’s a Sisomo world, and the game has changed forever. Channel 4 are getting a second bite at their own content, and more importantly, integrating with other platforms online will drive users back to TV, still the focal point of living rooms around the world.


myphotographer said...

Only time will tell, today there may be something else pulling the numbers. ;-)

Kempton said...

Hi Kevin,

Interesting analogy, "It’s like someone moving into your house, renting your living room unsolicited, and giving you a cut of the profits."

Although I would change it to, "It's like someone adding a floor to your building, and giving you a cut of the rents."

Charles Frith said...

This is going to come across as planner spiel but that's what I do so I'd like to highlight what I think is the point I'd like more elaboration on in this post.

TV will never die is quite a broad statement and so I just want to clarify. Is it TV as monologue media model? If that's the case then I agree. There will always be a segment of content consumption which will like the monologue model.

But if we start to suggest that Youtube with it's lower fidelity, commenting, response mechanism (comments & video response) or even exciting ideas like crowd curation as we saw with Facebook's integration with CNN during the last US election than I feel less comfortable with the description of TV in that instance. In much the same way that Sisomo recognise 'it's an interactive world'.

Which is kinda why TV has a special place as a medium I believe. It's relaxing and arguably facilitates discussion among viewing families during commercial breaks. But Youtube or the future of Youtube. That feels different. Things start to get complicated then.

Dongkwan Kim said...

Mr. Roberts,

If we're talking that TV or YouTube will NEVER die, I guess we're suggesting an indefinite period of time. Well, in that case, say in the far distant future (or may not so), what if all TV stations started using YouTube as its alternative medium? What if, in the world of wireless technology (WiMax or WiBro for example) as an omnipresent infrastructure, the physical TV becomes obsolete? Or at least, cable was no longer needed, as TV could use the ever more creative computer networks as its source? Then... Then... Maybe, we could say that YouTube did kill TV. YouTube could become what one watches TV in the future...

Just a thought.