Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wipe My Bum

New Zealand’s most successful rugby league coach, Graham Lowe, was on his sofa one day watching a game when “Wipe my bum” came emanating from one of his twin sons. Graham realized how far he had come from coaching Manly-Warringah and the Kiwis to fatherhood now at a very late stage in life. Graham’s written a fantastic book called Me and My Little Blokes, which is all about how fatherhood changes life for the better. I’ve sent this to all my top people because it’s just a heartwarming, beautiful book. It also has 12 dynamic principles we can all learn from, no matter what walk of life we’re in.

1. Planning for a successful year
2. What is a winning team?
3. Let the dog see the rabbit
4. There is no such word as 'can’t'
5. Practice till the lights go off
6. Look for the man in the dinner suit
7. Never die wondering
8. Kick for the seagulls
9. Run for fresh air
10. Keep shifting the attack
11. Put up with the pain
12. Discover the power of your team early

The book is an ideal gift for fathers (and sons!) everywhere, as well as a reminder to all of us that happiness comes when you live life holistically; when you bring family, friends, and business together in one whole. I’m not talking about work/life balance, which is all about compromise, I’m talking about living life to the max everyday. Graham’s book is a major help.