Friday, August 14, 2009

The Arms of Babes

I got a note recently from my old friend Kel Geddes. Kel’s wife is Anne Geddes, the world-renowned photographer, and they’re big hits on, inspiring and re-inspiring our fascination with the beauty and mystery of the first years of life. A reader called Jeannie on says this about Anne’s work: “Nothing in the world is more beautiful than a baby, and Anne Geddes photographs them wonderfully.”

As a father and now a grandfather, I couldn’t agree more. There’s nothing that tugs the heartstrings quite like looking into a child’s wide, curious eyes. Anne and Kel’s love of babies has also turned into a thriving global business encompassing books, baby and maternity clothing, toys, and dolls.

Although they’re based in Auckland, Anne and Kel have stores around the world, including landmark stores in Disneyland, California, and the Wynn, Las Vegas. Best of all, the Geddes Philanthropic Trust is active in raising awareness for the protection and health of children. They’re a great example of “Edge” thinking, winning the world from its extremities!

Kel’s note was all about a New Zealand and Australian Lovemark they’re introducing to the world – the singlet. For those of you who don’t know what a singlet is, it’s an undergarment a little like a sleeveless T-shirt. As Anne says – in Australia and New Zealand it’s the first thing you buy for your baby when you find out you’re pregnant. Choosing the smallest one available is the first indication you’ll have a real live human on your hands, and that life will be forever different. Of course, Anne’s pure singlets are organic, quality designs, with the added benefit of upping the cuteness factor on every baby: as if they needed anymore!