Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Music to go

On the road, my iPod is my trusted companion. Making the miles slip away. Listening to great road music.

1. Veteran's Day: The Tom Russell Anthology – Gritty, rural, American border, working class stories ('Sky Above, The Mud Below') to contemporary social revolution ('Who’s Gonna Build Your Wall?')

2. The Felice Brothers have just released their third (I think) album. Yonder is the Clock.

3. Alejandro Escovedo eats the miles away on his live album, More Miles Than Money (welcome to my life), and his latest, Real Animal, rocks. Bruce had Alejandro on stage with him recently in concert and the Boss can’t be wrong.

4. For something completely different, try El Guincho’s Alegranza. Tropical upbeat craziness.

5. I heard an album in an independent record store in Ambleside by a band called Twisted Wheel. It was their first album. I bought it. It’s great.

6. Thanks to all the recommendations I’ve received over the years, my iPod library is full of surprises with new songs and artists. I’ve just downloaded Boxer by a band called The National on my iPod library in New York. Can’t wait to hear it. This indie rock, Brooklyn-based band originated in Cincinnati 10 years ago and has gained tremendous recognition – all the way to the White House! ('Fake Empire' was one of the soundtracks at Obama election events). Besides Boxer, they have four other CDs. Thanks, Sparky! Keep ‘em coming!

7. Mellowing down in the evening/late night, I’m listening to :

  • The Acorn live at the Royal Albert Hall,
  • Dennis Wilson’s classic Pacific Ocean Blue
  • Cat Steven’s (aka Yusuf) latest, Roadsinger
  • Leonard Cohen's great Live in London concert from his comeback tour
  • Steve Earle’s homage to his mentor Townes Van Zandt
  • And for old times sake and a bit of fun, try the re-issued 1968 off Broadway release of Hair. 'Let the Sunshine In'!


yo_ghurt said...

My recommendation for you, Kevin, is a guy called Foy Vance, from Northern Ireland. The album is called Hope. Some national reviews here http://www.foysnoise.com/storysofar
Available at itunes etc!
Definitely one of those albums that grows with every listening.

Tony said...

My ipod changed my world. I was late getting on to the ipod, but glad I did because I'm not just rediscovering old favourites, but I'm being introduced to a whole lot of new music, podcasts & TED videos!

rugglesby said...

Here is the review:

Here is the recording:

DO please give it a listen?