Thursday, February 5, 2009


For those of you living in Auckland, take a walk up Queen Street near the Civic Theatre and check out Giapo. This is a new store opened by Gianpaolo Grazioli, a young Italian entrepreneur with lots of dreams. Giapo is a tremendous character with his own family, including girlfriend Stella. The store has been created as a Lovemark and is dripping with Mystery, Sensuality, and Intimacy. It’s not an ice cream shop. It’s not a gelato shop. It’s designed to be an experience. The purpose of Giapo is to make a child smile with a run-on effect of everyone picking up the habit and smiling too. The store is beautifully designed and the culture is all about hope, dreams, and inspiration. Stay tuned. The website will be up and running shortly.


Jonathan Gunson said...

We'll be enjoying the Chinese Lantern festival in the park this evening so will stop by GIAPO afterwards for gelato.

Make no mistake, if it's what I hope it is, this store will be on my TV show next month.

Thanks for the insight Kevin.


Anonymous said...

GIAPO is Cool !!! Yes, he is a dreamer!


Dan Maas said...

Kevin your right about this place, i felt like a kid in there deciding on which amazing flavour to indulge in. They let me try most of them first to before throwing the chocolate hazelnut winner on the ice table and crushing kit kat amongst it.

There was a fantastic atmosphere lead by Gianpaolo and the rest of the staff. On the most humid night i have ever had in the 09, couldnt recommend a better place to go and indulge.


Jean-Philippe DIEL said...

If you are looking for someone who is mad about good ice cream and quality produce then Gian Paolo and GIAPO is your place - Fresh produce only! Gian Paolo is a Maniac in a good way...
My kind of place ;-)


Thank You Kevin for making one of my dreams come true. Since you wrote this post I have one less thing to dream about. I am a shy boy of humble origin and now too overwhelmed by the fact that you wrote about me and giapo. There are not words to say thank you.

I would like to take the opportunity to say THANK YOU again for being the leader, the innovator,the game changer and therefore the inspirer, that you are. 10-100-1000 Kevin Roberts to make this world a better one.

Your forever fan