Monday, January 12, 2009

Winning Ugly Together

My mantra for 2009 is “Winning Ugly Together”. I wish it were “Winning Beautiful Together” but the reality is that the economic and commercial challenges we face will draw on our stamina and our imaginations in ways most of us have never faced before. It’s going to be ugly, and the only way to face this is a) together and b) with a totally winning attitude.

“Winning Ugly” is borne of the rough and tumble of great victories on the rugby field, on the basketball court, on the tennis court, in political arenas, in battlefields. Grit, guts and genius spilling out from every pore to secure victory at the final moment.

Vince Lombardi, football “Coach of the Century”, said “Winning is not a sometime thing; it’s an all the time thing. You don’t win once in a while; you don’t do things right once in a while; you do them right all the time. Winning is a habit.”

I’ve just had a note from Pully Chau, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi China. Their new business team worked for six weeks straight, relentlessly, and have come up with five major new business wins and two pending. This is a time for ultra-competitiveness and the China Lovemarks Team have set the 2009 benchmark for our network. They are committed to playing smarter; actions not words; inspirational leadership; optimism; and keeping the love flowing.

Nothing has changed in the belief system we have developed over the last decade: Peak Performance; Lovemarks as a world-changing idea; True Blue as our means of creating sustainability. Nothing Is Impossible remains stamped on our foreheads. All of this gets executed in 2009 with urgency, relentlessness, and a passion to win. Together. Ugly (or Beautiful). As Sean Fitzpatrick, the most successful All Black captain of all time said after a memorably bruising encounter, “It wasn’t pretty out there, but we’ll take the win.”


eat said...

I Think winning at all this year is to be applauded.. and by the way Happy new year Kevin, Ro and all.. from a small business point of view the current banking agenda is off the scale they have been bailed out and alls well in their world... all their bad decisions have been placated.. so they have closed their doors and minds...

But what of the rest of us.... what of
love and passion of faith.....
and this to the very customers who have with there entrepreneurial spirit have made them the money in the past..
I'm stifled....
I'm sad,
and i worry for our soul,
and I'm down right miffed,

I'm trying to launch a fantastic cool sexy lovely warm and peaceful experience of which i have the (although scary) finance for and i think there trying to close me down....
it's difficult to pick yourself up and carry on ....when you've done nothing wrong and yet every week they tell you you're

but you know what Kevin


should the world get run by banks.......

God help us....

Paulo A. Pereira said...

i agree, it is ugly out there - "Winning Ugly Together" is really the only way to go nowadays. Its hard to stay focused and motivated when all around you there are layoffs. Thanks for the inspiration:)

jemster said...

some of us ugly people have no option mate ;)

happy new year

Piotr Jakubowski said...

LOL @ jemster. So true :)

Kev, this isn't the first time that a country's been in economic crisis, and if you look at history, it's quite remarkable how resilient people actually are. But you're right, the only ones who do are the ones with a winning attitude. When times are rough, nobody wants to listen to a whinger (not even when the times are good).

Worlds 1st Pat Armitstead, Joyologist said...

I read recently the book “Seasick”by Alanna Mitchell and was moved and inspired. The following is shared to provide you with the insights I received and to invite you to make a conscious effort to look after the ocean as part of our resolve to move forward with intent and optimism.

The book is about the hidden ecological crisis of the global ocean.

In the beginning is some heartfelt musings….

”Mathew Fox the ex- communicated priest and seer from Pensylvania showed up in my living room in frozen Toronto…explaining human beings need to feel despair before they can feel hope.

In Christian language – one needs the pain of loss to understand the surprising gift of resurrection.

One must lose Troy before it is possible to build Rome.

She went down on a dive to 1 kilometre for 3 hours and had an epiphany. ( we are about to have many of these ) It had to do with the nature of hope and she emerged tremulous and riumphant….convinced that our species with all its failings and trudgings is ready for the biggest journey yet.

And then the facts emerged as the story unfolded.

Amniotic fluid is a chemical replica of blood plasma….which is astonishingly similar to the composition of sea water.

Every tear you cry goes back to the ocean
Every 2nd molecule of CO2 you exhale goes back to the sea
Every 2nd breath you take you inhale O2 produced by plankton.
Plankton!! How come I did not know that?

The PH of the ocean has been the same for 20 million years
The Ph is changing and it is affecting the reefs and plankton in particular

She says this is a human epic!
She said we have looked at the global picture and said things like…science must be wrong….humans don’t have this much power….it will right itself…with or without our help.

She said humans deserve salvation

We deserve it for being such idiots….going to kill everything anyway so may as well be merry.

She said we need to take alternate action….rapidly and profoundly….each of us doing something every day towards that….

The problem of the atmosphere and the ocean is a problem of human behaviour.

If a transformation is to occur we need to understand transformation is possible.
We need to stand naked psychologically and ask what we stand for…..what we are here for…..and whats missing?

She said we need to begin with our story and honour all the confusion, discomfort and fear….then make a call for wisdom…

A call for wisdom….not logic
A call for hope ….not despair

When the CO2 level in the ocean reaches 450 points per million by volume it will be the point of no return

Today it is 387

We are living in an era that is holding out hope for magnificent regeneration
Biology is flexible and adaptable

I was transfixed by this tale
I read till I finished the book
And I take a second all the time and observe what I am doing now and ask the impact

My son is a dive instructor with a passion for marine wildlife
Jaques Costeau’s daughter has taken over his business
I will have their photos on my fridge for we do make a difference by our intention

I call on your wisdom!
I am a stand for an Intimacy Revolution. We can convert depression which is currently world health burden number 2.

We can do this and we have been preparing for a long time for this moment.
Pat Armitstead
Wolrds First Joyologist
17th January 2009

Steve Bennett said...

Kevin, yes, 2009 will take great effort, perseverence and creative thinking, but I really believe that respect, courtesy, humility and 'care' will also be essential.

Aren't these some of the day-to-day elements of 'Lovemarks'?

All the best for 2009.

Cheers, Steve

Anonymous said...

Hi Kev,
inspired by your 2009 motto, here in Saatchi Milan we decided to start fighting ugliness right away...starting from our very own.

We needed to exorcize everyday problems with a good laugh...showing to our country that we are not afraid of the challenges to come. That with a bit of creativity we can make it.

I think that when you find a way to make fun of ugliness you're already winning it.

So here it is, on facebook:
Winning Ugly Together - The Italian Way.

Enjoy our ugliness.
DAvide Vismara
Saatchi&Saatchi Milan - Italy

Henry said...

We are winning ugly in Bolivia but alone. Would love to represent Saatchi & Saatchi in our country. Who should we contact?

Thanks in advance & congrats for your mind.

Henry Medina
Creative VP