Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Guy Ritchie is back. Two of my favorite movies were Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch; funny, clever, fast-paced, brilliantly shot and full of larger than life British characters. Ritchie’s been distracted the last few years trying to cope with the demands of the me, me, me, Material Girl, Madonna. As a result, his creative performance went out the window. Now she’s left him (anyone surprised by that?) to chase baseball stars. The good news? The Big Guy is back.

I went to see RocknRolla last week and it was fantastic. We’re talking great direction, fantastic music, terrific performances by the actors, especially from the star, Gerard Butler. All in all, a rollicking good time. Set in contemporary London, it tells the story of old school English gangsters dealing with the new Russian mafia, including a Roman Abramovich look-a-like at the Emirates Stadium, not Stamford Bridge. The characters, One Two, Mumbles and Archie are perfectly pitched to bring out the best of John, the RocknRolla.

The plot has typical Ritchie-like twists and turns but is more mature, more subtle and slightly darker than earlier movies. The good news is that it threatens to lead to a follow-up movie.

Great to have you back, Guy.


Matt Airey said...

Snatch is where it's at KR. Great Flick. Hope to hear back from you about Soyprint! happy thanksgiving man.
With respect,
Matthew Airey

R K Durant Fine Art said...

Why didn't I know that Guy Ritchie had a new movie out????? I'm there. I thought Lock Stock and Snatch did for British action films what Pulp Fiction did for smart American action films. It's amazing to me that Ritchie isn't on his 20th film.

R.K. Durant

Piotr Jakubowski said...

Snatch was definitely one of my favorites. Perfect script, fantastic cinematography and the acting was great.

Hope to go out and see this one soon!


We have been to the cinema yesterday night. The movie was fast, funny, dark and new, same style but different from snatch and lock stock and two smoking barrels. Director did a great job as well as actors they brought me back to a London that I know. A movie that is worthy to see.