Friday, October 10, 2008

The sisomo type

We need sisomo to lift our ideas and experiences into the realms of emotion. The suggestion that sight, sound and motion on screen needs three cameras, a crew of sixty and a catering van is old-think. Throw it in the old-think bin and come up with something different. Start with type. OK, I know typography is key to great communication and great advertising, and I do enjoy the style and glamour it can bring to a page, but type in sisomo?

Sometime ago I posted a cool video featuring hands signing the words of a Daft Punk song. If you missed it, check it out here. While I hesitate to call words printed in biro on fingers type, you know what I mean. It was a left field approach to sisomo. Well here’s another one. This one is more sophisticated and has a profound purpose. It too uses simple type, photographs and music to connect and persuade with emotion.

The Girl Effect is a major initiative ($100 million major) to help girls in developing countries bring change to their families, communities and countries. The sisomo I want you to look at was supported by Buffetts’s NoVo Foundation and the Nike Foundation, and created by ad agency Wieden + Kennedy. It starts with the simple statement: “The world is a mess”. You either 'Agree' or 'Disagree'. If you are an eternal optimist like me and 'Disagree', you are challenged to change your mind. 600 million girls can’t be wrong and the site claims they all think the world’s a mess. But let’s not be waylaid and 'Agree to Disagree' so we can move onto this in-your-face sisomo assertion that these 600 million girls are the ones who can change the world. The message is personal, direct and believes, as I do, that great things happen one person at a time. The core of the idea: Invest in a girl and she will do the rest. This core is supported by extraordinary facts like ‘A woman or girl will reinvest 90% of her income in her family. A man will reinvest 30-40%’ and ‘For every development dollar spent, girls receive less than one half of one cent’. A big focused idea given great sisomo treatment of words, not images.


Helge Tennø said...

Not to forget the powerful effect of just sound either. Which often is to some extent ignored in the visual field of screen based communication.

This is a campaign from Norway, where you are invited to test your hearing. After pushing the buttons a couple of times, in co ordinance with the "beeps" A young girl "appears". Asking you to help her. She needs someone to talk to - her parents are fighting again and she feels trapped.

It was a campaign to recruit phone operators for the red cross help line.

Even though it is in Norwegian one gets the point. It does a magnificent job in demonstrating how powerful non-visual-sense-based content is on even such a screen based platform as the computer.

It's the sound in sisomo.

Josephine said...

Invest in a girl-Invest in a child

The most important investment that children
Anywhere in the world need is love and from that
Love comes protection and guidance.

Money alone is not sufficient investment to
Help children in poor countries to survive.

The capitalist world we live in gives us many
Illusions and one of the biggest is that money somehow
=happiness forever it would be a mistake to teach children
in other parts of the world the same thing especially in conditions
where money=survival.

The other thing that is important to remember is that investment in
A child can come in many different forms.

Little girls need to know that they are valued, that they are equal
And that they deserve opportunity. Little girls also need to know
That they don’t need to trade on their beauty or physical attributes
In order to create better lives for themselves. Anyone who can spare the time to
Instill values like integrity and self respect in a little girl is giving her
A gift which is priceless.- I say this as someone whose made mistakes in probably all of the above.

Children in poor countries do need investment and yes money can do so much
To change a child’s material world but children in poor countries also
Need to be taught that their cultures, their histories, their identities and their
Societies are not second rate or inferior. They must be taught to embrace their
Origins and their dual identities. These are all ways to invest in a little girl.

I say these things because I’ve lived on both sides of the fence, lived in a small
African town till I was three and then I came to the uk which for my parents represented
Opportunity. Living in our high technology age, my role models about life’s lessons
Have often been taught to me via the media and as an adult I’ve allowed many of the
Illusions that we see to have blinded me to the really important things that any girl-woman needs to learn.

The greatest investment you can give to any little girl and boy = the investment of your time, your wisdom, your advice, your love, your protection.