Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Vital information

Who amongst us has never unleashed some trivia at unsuspecting friends or family members? Tom Nuttall is publishing a book on September 4 and it is packed with such trivia highlights (or low lights) as:

1. Humans share 35% of their DNA with daffodils (I know some of these people)
2. Britons eat 97% of the world’s baked beans (my son Danis is fighting his corner)
3. The average British woman spends 2 years of her life gazing in the mirror (don’t ask me what this number is for Californians)
4. Women are estimated to buy 80% of everything sold (the other 20% comes from a list given to men by women)
5. Hitler was on the shortlist for the 1938 Nobel Peace Prize (so there’s hope yet for G. W. Bush)
6. Two-thirds of Britons live within 5 miles of where they were born and raised (a miserable thought if you were born in Slough)
7. 70% of Land Rovers, first built in 1948, are still on the road (not too smart for used car sales, and not the model that made Gillette a monster seller)
8. 62 of the world’s 100 richest men are married to brunettes (go figure!!)
9. No English manager has ever won the Premier League (and, before you ask, Mark Hughes is Welsh)
10. No words in the English language rhyme with orange, silver, purple and month (songwriters and poets to note)
11. The most expensive age of your life is 34 (I must be 34 every year!)
12. The average age of a first time grandparent in the UK is 49 (we’re very late starters)


Kate said...

I want this book! What's it called?

Leon Cruickshank said...

Kevin - I have 2 additional bits of trivia, the first is a bit of a smart ass comment that in fact 'chilver' (an ewe of Lamb) rhymes with Silver. the second more interesting fact is that trivia comes from the notice boards the greeks used to use when 3 roads converged.

Love the blog, and then day you spent with us at ImaginationLancaster - Leon

Piotr Jakubowski said...

What's the personality of a Daffodil like?

I would like to see similar stats on Americans.

Kevin Roberts said...

Kate, sorry about that: the book is titled In Fact.

Kate said...

Thanks Kevin

Kevin Roberts said...


Good to hear from you – you little Chilver, you / ewe!