Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Telecom New Zealand

Last week I accepted a proposal from Wayne Boyd and the New Zealand board to join the Board of Telecom New Zealand, New Zealand’s largest company. I’ve been interested in joining a corporate board for some time but wanted to serve somewhere I could make a difference. I was looking for somewhere I could leverage my own skill set on behalf of the company, somewhere I could learn new things, somewhere I could contribute to New Zealand, and importantly, somewhere I could work with a new team in a different industry. Telecom New Zealand fits the bill on all counts. Telecommunications is vital to our society’s growth and to making the world a better place, and Telecom New Zealand is vital to the continued growth of all New Zealanders. I’ve worked closely with the company for over a decade, with Saatchi & Saatchi being fortunate enough to have been its advertising partner for many years. Former CEO, Theresa Gattung, was a terrific marketer and remains a close friend. Her successor, Paul Reynolds from British Telecom, is leading transformational challenges as the company ups its competitive, consumer and customer focus. I’m pretty excited about the whole thing.


Anonymous said...

That's exciting news. Your input will be of huge benefit to Telecom.

Just yesterday, on the way home from work, I received a (telecom) cell phone message from Mum, in tears that a client she had served for 20 years, 7 days a week as a care giver, had died. How amazing to receive that message 6 days later, when the voice mail finally came through to my phone. The opportunity for me to reach out and show Mum care, concern and love, had come and gone, because of a 6 day delay in the messaging system. I began to think about switching to the opposition. I have always thought how strong the advertising has been for Telecom and how effective it is. All of that effort and expense can be lost so easily if the service doesn't deliver.

Teresa has done an incredible job with Telecom, and with the changes occuring, there will be many opportunities to reach out to New Zealanders in their every day lives to create a stronger connection with Telecom.

Ally NZ

Sophee McPhee said...

Congratulations, Kevin!

What a wonderful opportunity.

I look forward to reading about your triumphs, tribulations and discoveries with Telecom New Zealand.

Piotr Jakubowski said...


So what's better: this opportunity or the Abu Dhabi takeover of MC and their unlimited coffers? :)


Congratulations Kevin but.... but i am happy only half. I wanted you as the next Prime Minister here. ciao gp.

Stephen Baugh said...

Congratulations Kevin. Good luck

Iconic said...

Faster and cheaper broadband please so I can come work at "home" ;-)

Kevin Roberts said...

Thanks, everyone. It’s a fantastic opportunity with important issues and challenges to face – luckily, they’re
all close to my heart.

Jean-Philippe DIEL said...

Dear Kevin,

This is a truly exciting challenge. My question to you is simple. Can an Historical Carrier like Telecom reform it's image and get rid of a heavy past (luggage) without loosing its heritage and without changing its brand. Many others have succumbed to the temptation of a fresh new start... o2, Orange, T Mobile, etc... So what will it be ?
Good luck, Jean-Philippe @ http://concept2creation.blogspot.com