Friday, August 22, 2008

Loving Vinyl

I don’t care what anybody says, there is nothing, and I mean nothing, to match the first play of a vinyl record. When that needle hits the virgin hills and dales of a track, the sound is as sweet as you’ll ever hear it. Sure iPods are a miracle and digital is king, but for a resonant depth and quality of sound you can’t beat vinyl, unless you get yourself to a club or arena and go for the full body experience. So in the Attraction Economy it’s no wonder that so many young (and not so young) people are looking to vinyl for a special music experience. The new passion for plastic, sorry vinyl, has meant turntable sales of 32,000 in April alone according to he Consumer Electronics Association in Arlington. That’s less than 1 percent of music player sales but it’s significant nonetheless. For even more significance, don’t forget that some of these turntables have USB ports for digital downloading; so you’re heading from And/And to ain’t that grand! Plus you can study stunning cover art work and the sheen of the disc, and you get to take part in the delicate ritual of placing a disc on the turntable. Add all these significances together and you’ve got Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy spinning right there in front of you. And let’s not forget that LP covers are highly collectible works of art in their own right. I also regard cover notes as works of literary importance (who ever bothers to read the notes in those tiny CD booklets?). No, I’m not suggesting a return to the old days, but yes, let’s celebrate the fact that a new generation of music lovers have chosen not to throw the LP out with the bath water.


jumbleroom said...

Just back from another night at the jumble room.....and tonight five or six conversations on the albums in the toilets...........and as usual i love to coast (surf) my usual favourite sites (your always an inspiration Kevin) i have a love of your blog as it reminds me of my fathers sermons at church on a Sunday...please take that as an honour! i would sit in awe of his well thought and inspirational, pithy, sermons totally in love with him...especially watching the guilty congregation squirm in there seats it was a pleasure!!
Sorry i'm off the point...
Album covers....why can't we go to the nintendo game theory? i go with my daughter to buy a game and i pay £40 and i get a c.d sized box and inside is a piece of wonderful techno the size of a scrabble letter!! why not then go back to selling albums and inside scrabble sized hard disc's .....think of the art work....the info (who played what where and when) it's the future!! well it's my dream anyway.. cheers Kevin

Grant Whitehouse said...

Completely agree Kevin...vinyl is not dead, it’s certainly alive and well at my place. Had my brother visit from NZ last weekend and he thoroughly enjoyed delving into my collection. As we sanded and painted the kitchen the sounds of Nina Simone, Hunters and Collectors, The Bats and The Chills filled the room. We talk about the experience economy and there is a lot of experience in finding old and new vinyl, checking the artwork out (Led Zep Physical Graffiti and Stones Some Girls), choosing a disc, cleaning it and enjoying the warm tones. Had to laugh a year or two ago when a friends 7 year old asked what the thing was beside the TV..."that’s a turntable" I responded. Cheers

Anonymous said...

The other night I sat with a friend and listened to Bill Cosby on parenting, on vinyl. I heard the familiar 'crackle' sound while I waited for the show to begin. It's a nostalgic sound for me, and sets me up in a mood of good musical memories from the outset. I love every part of putting on an LP, from opening up the albums to looking at the art and photos of the 60's/70's/80's to the sound of the needle on the vinyl.

Blowing the dust off the 45's and Celebrating here!

Ally NZ