Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hot, hotter, hottest

Lovemarks are about emotional heat. “How intense is this relationship?”, that is the question. And while I am not a fan of using statistics to measure love, as my regular readers will know, I am always attracted by anything that starts with love. Enter CitySense. This cell phone application out of San Francisco combines dense GPS data with real time feeds to show you a city’s hotspots. Literally. You get a constantly updated map on your phone that gives you a good idea of where people are congregating. The assumption is that where there are people, there you’ll find the action. The hottest restaurants, the coolest clubs and the rockingest concerts. In other words, the emotional hotspots. Perfect. Given our love affair with the phone, it’s not going to take much to create emotional maps with all sorts of different focuses – from nightlife to shaded courtyards with great coffee to kid-friendly restaurants. Entertainment industries take note - and that means stores as well.


Anonymous said...

Dear Kev,

Great idea, I am sure that emotion mapping is a keen insight, and to find places of congregation opens up horizons of positive influences for persons that are interested in fruitful- changeful- and helping interactions. From there I wonder if a presence at site locations may further affect a positive atmosphere!

Sophee McPhee said...

Your post reminds me of a new technology ‘innovation’ I thought up in the wee hours of the morning, during my dream time. I use the word ‘innovation’ lightly; as I’m pretty sure at least one of the techno greats (e.g. Apple) has experienced and started working on the same light bulb moment. Indeed, the ‘iMotion’ or ‘iMood’ is undoubtedly being churned out of the iPod production factory as we speak!

Gone are the days of the handy shuffle mode; MP3 Players are now able to gage your emotions and moods (via revolutionary earplugs?), and respond accordingly. Feeling competitive? Eye of the Tiger is on the way. Secretly lusting after your mate’s mum? The infamous intro into Mrs. Robinson is already chiming in. Like an intimate friend, the iMotion has a mysterious ability to read your thoughts and respond in precisely the right way. It delivers a sensual experience like no other, and it gives you a hug. The conversations you have together are lyrically unspoken. Quite simply, the iMotion ‘gets you’, and you respect it – in fact, you love it.

I’ve mentioned previously that the future of love-marks rests with their ability to form mysterious, sensual & intimate partnerships with ‘Me-Marks’....the iMotion is a case in point.