Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Another Great Weekend

This was a pretty good weekend for New Zealanders. The All Blacks slammed England 44-12, the Black Caps beat England at cricket, and the Baby Blacks under 20 rugby side beat England in the final of the World Championship 38-3. It was particularly uplifting, given the amount of stick I had taken the week before by many of my English friends when I was in London for a couple of weeks before the first test match. The wishful thinking and arrogance prevalent in England, perennial underachievers in sport, is formidable, particularly when fueled by the idiotic media over there. Everyone was telling us how New Zealand was in crisis, how they hadn’t got over the World Cup loss to France, and even more comically, how this was the best England side tour for years. Well, New Zealand beat them 38-20 and 44-12. Happy as these two games were, it was even more uplifting when the under 20's romped home 38-3 because this is a great predicator for the future. Once again, the British media were certain that this was England’s year and once again, they fell short when faced with New Zealand passion, commitment, skill and athleticism. All in all, not the worst weekend I’ve had in my life.


Simon said...

It is frustrating. England seem to have developed as 'World Cup specialists' and hang everything that goes on in between. NZ, on the other hand, are perennial World Cup underachievers, who win most things in between. For consistency, as an England supporter, I'd prefer the latter, 4 years being too long between games!

I think it's fair to say that this rugby tour was a case of a non-vintage AB side against a poor England side, so not a lot of fun for anyone. In fact, the only Summer (Winter in the SH) tours that have any 'bite' any more are usually the pre-World Cup ones.

Fitz said...

I'd love to know who thought that this was the best England team to tour in years?!

Pi said...

Hi KR, what a delight to see your blog which deals with the English sport. Please enjoy an excerpt from my blog on the topic and all the best when the All Blacks face up to my might Springboks in Wellington on Sat morning. Sure to be a cracker!

The following is the main body to a recent blog by PlanetPi

...One country I have to give a hard time today though, is England. The issue I am so pissed off about is Andy Murray and his Wimbledon affair. Wimbledon has decided they will give the petulant Scottish lad the unfair advantage of playing on Centre Court for every one of his matches in the tournament (never before has this advantage been afforded to any player. Not even to the modern legends of Borg, Conners, McEnroe, Becker, Agassi or Federer). This gives Murray a huge advantage as the 99% partisan crowd gives extremely one sided support to the brat and puts down any talented play or antics from the opposition. Last night Murray played his fourth (out of four) match on Centre Court. The unfortunate, but better opponent was Richard Gasquet. Gasquet was leading two sets to love with some exquisite tennis. Then the crowd got on his back and cradled Murray through to a come back and win. Very notable was the contrast of crowd behaviour when the two players took time to go to the toilet. Clearly they have to leave the court to do this - the courts are grass, but for some reason it's not considered decent behaviour to whip it out and give a sprinkling of nitrates to the lush and inviting looking greenness of nature.
So it was off to the mens change rooms and to the more traditional porcelain that Murray visited to take a leak at the end of the 4th set. He was welcomed back with oooo's and aaaaah's. Then when Gasquet popped off a half hour later he was booed off and booed back on again. The Pommy idiots! They have practiced the art of getting under our skin when Tiny Timmy Henman was their ill fated and overrated, boring and irritating pseudo-champion. I can't see their status as the number-one-nation-that-the-rest-of-the-world-enjoy-giving-a-good-klap/drubbing-to changing in the near future. Thankfully this status does play itself out most of the time so it has become kind of a sport in itself for the likes of South Africans, Kiwi's and Aussies.
So England have conveniently taken in Andy Murray who is actually a Scotsman and decided that together with the organisers of Wimbledon, they will do all they can to try and serve up an Englis.... uuurgggham ... sorry a British Champion that they pine for so pathetically. Fortunately for us and in line with the history of Henman at Wimbledon (and English sport in general), the build up is just making the certain downfall even sweeter. The Nemesis this time? Aaa that would be the Spanish brute - Rafa Nadal! Can you believe that when Murray won the match last night he pulled up his floppy sleeve to supposedly expose a bicep. Ummm what was that fool? You been lifting empty cereal boxes for weights? What a way to temp fate.

1. Win your match thanks to the crowd getting the better of a Frenchman not able to cope with 15 000 people on his back.
2. Expose a pathetic bicep as a sign for other opponents to beware
3. Step off court to find out you are playing Nadal next.

Nadal has biceps the size of SCUD missiles. And he is going to pulverize the little punk with some eagerly anticipated ruthlessness. If you have the opportunity to watch the match you might want to do so without the commentary. Poor old John McEnroe is audibly cringing at the gratuitous crap that his fellow English idiot goes on and on about. At one stage when the old fool mentioned that if Murray was playing in France the crowd would be just as bias towards Gasquet, McEnroe put him right and flat out told him that was just not true, that the Wimbledon lot were 'unique' in this type of behaviour. I don't think the guy even heard him though as he was drooling over Murray standing on the small wall surrounding the court while bashing his chest with his fists and screaming screaming uncontrollably. His mouth was so wide upon I thought he was going to swallow the little granny in the fourth row, who probably confused as to whether she was watching the Mens finals of 2008 or the mens fourth round of 2008.
If you are a tourist in England and happen to find yourself on Centre Court of Wimbledon, don't reject their strawberries and cream, do not fear them in anyway, do not avoid the people - challenge them but above all DO ignore their custom and rather support as a true sports fan and not a irritating, spineless pommy.

Doug Pullman said...

I couldn't agree more Kevin!! But at least they don't call the Soccer Premiership the World Series of Soccer.

Iconic said...

Here here Kev!

Talk is cheap and the English scribes are the best at talking their sports teams up. They shouldn't be throwing stones in glass houses because as soccer/football is their major sport, their National team rarely goes beyond a quarter final at a World Cup football event.

Actually, how did England perform at the most recent Euro Cup? ;-)

Fitz said...

Oh the irony!...
(Irony's the expression of one's meaning through the use of language that normally signifies the opposite... Just for those that can't quite see it!)
Ha... Just messing ;)

Piotr Jakubowski said...

i was going to send you some words of congratulations on the All Blacks' recent victories. Why couldn't it have happened, say, last September?