Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lovin' Diesel

Well, Renzo Rosso has done it again. Diesel is celebrating its 30th anniversary and Rizzoli are publishing a book about the brilliant, brave, diverse advertising Diesel has pioneered. I’m honored to have been asked to write a commentary on the work and will get cracking on this before the month ends. Coincidental with this celebration, Diesel continues to break new ground and next month will launch Diesel Homeware. The range will include bed linen, furniture throws, towels, etc. and has been designed by Diesel’s Wilbert Das. I also hear that lighting and furniture are on the way and I can’t wait to see what Diesel bring to this category.

One thing I do know is it's certain to be humorous, innovative and breakthrough. Diesel continues to reinvent itself by bringing in fresh creative talent and young people of all nationalities, and like no other brand, stays aspirationally in touch (well let’s face it, slightly ahead) of its core market which it constantly delights and surprises. Diesel products, look, quality and voice are so of the moment it’s a pleasure just waiting to see what they’ll do next. Whatever it is, you can be sure it will be fun.



Well, being Italian, I can only be proud of Renzo Rosso. He is a creative genius and when you sell creativity and not just shoes, jeans and shirts than you can become inspirational for your consumers and sell everything under the name of the same creativity that made you genius in selling shoes, jeans and shirt. But it is not that easy.
If the passage is done well, with an excellent marketing strategy and I mean excellent, then there is no need to scare about "diluting" the Diesel brand, which is already "tagged" to me as excellent jeans, shoes, shirt and lots and lots of creativity, with something else. The marketing goal is to convey that Diesel is more a creative company than just a fashion house and this is very delicate.

In example, if Philippe Stark designs and market a toilet nobody talks about diluting the Starks brand. He is a creative designer he can do anything. If Saatchi works for Toyota and P&G it is not strange, they can understand both businesses because Saatchi is a creative company, and can work for both. The same should happen for Diesel. The only difference is that Diesel has focused and been successful in making garments and now it has decided to move forward while Stark and Saatchi have been multi fields since their inception. But what do you think about the risk of diluting the Diesel brand? What is the new Diesel message?

Kevin did you hear that England is going to support Italy for the next Euro cup? What a wonderful thing!!!! The perfect triangle: England, Italy, New Zealand and forza Azzurri.



England backs italy. WONDERFUL.

Kevin Roberts said...

Gianpaolo, that signature attitude and creativity runs through the entire Diesel experience. From day one Renzo and crew have been themselves – that’s the Diesel way.