Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hope and Change

The endless and mindless U.S. election process continues (and continues, and continues!). Now, I have to tell you, I’m finally convinced that Barack Obama represents the best option. His promise is simple - hope plus dreams plus change equals turnout equals victory. To put it simply, he has a dream, a dream about optimism and change. Boiled down, his policies are not too different to Hillary, if anything he is rather short on the ideas front. His detractors believe that hope is not a strategy but I think they miss the point. After a never ending menu of Bushs and Clintons, America needs hope and change more than it needs strategy, policy and tactics. There’s a whole generation of Americans who have lost faith in today’s politicians, and with some justification. They will not vote for Hillary, who is now the safety candidate. Safety isn’t what this generation wants. It’s change and progress. Obama represents that and backs it up with authenticity, freshness and charisma. He is a man who comes across as genuinely effortless and empathetic.

I believe Obama is tapping into today’s generation in real time, in a real way. He is giving voters an inspirational dream and a vision of collaboration, connectivity and togetherness. This is in direct contrast to Hillary’s conflict driven, black and white world.

If Obama wins the Democratic ticket, he will be up against John McCain, a genuine American hero, but a hero who is out of sync and out of touch with today’s young America. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a principled, staunch, true blue man. But I think he’s a little at odds with what’s happening in today's culture. Look to Barack Obama to surf that particular wave.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin:

have you seen this?


Last night at dinner it occurred to me that Obama is a lovebrand, of sorts.


Iconic said...

What better Presidential candidate can the USA have than a person of mixed race, humble beginnings, global education from Indonesia to Punahou (Hawaii) to Harvard to community leader and civil rights lawyer.

What would be an interesting statistic Kevin is how much of Obama's donations come from outside of the USA from non-American citizens considering he has the largest donation pool from the internet.

As reported in the NZ Herald, those polled in their survey think he is the best candidate as well. The interesting aspect is that Obama's support came equally from the left and right of NZ's political spectrum.

What a phrase ;-)
WE, WE, WE, and not I, I, I.

Susan Plunkett said...

Not being in the US I have no particular notion of the players in this game but OMG the months and years spent campaigning to my mind, coming from an entirely different system, seems almost obscene. You could fund third world nations on the balloons and ticker tape alone I'm sure! And women fainting over Bill Clinton appearing on stage? Now what is THAT all about? Is it the heat, the frenzy or can anyone (just about) retain celeb status!?


Hi Kevin and bloggers, sure Obama is the best choice. At least he is new and he is younger. The world wants to see America Leads. …. Yes sure but not leading on wars and on oil. The paradigm has changed. The problem is that America is still trying to compete with China and India on what they are very good at. Weapons, war, oils. America has been doing the same things for the past 30 years, fighting, wars, oil hunting, polluting. What a Lovemark! But the world has changed; the world wants America to lead on how we can make a better world, a greener one. In time of diseases of the world at large, America’s really let us down. There is still too many people starving and Africa is still there and probably it is not all about Palestinian and Israel. The world does not want to see America fighting every where. World expects that the largest democracy of the world changes in how it is governed, I would love to see the first wiki govern an open source one. In so doing the power will really shift from the few to the people and the dream will be substantiated. I expect America to lead the next revolution and compete with Costa Rica, New Zealand, Norway and Iceland to become the first carbon free country of the world. America will lead the world only if it really change the way they see things. Interests have shifted but probably America’s leaders were too old to understand it. What do you think?

Leslie Goodbar said...

"Vote Hope", a TV spot finalist from the Obama in 30 Seconds contest.

Cam said...


Don't buy into the media hype my friend. Obama has more ideas than Clinton and McCain combined. Ask McCain where he will find the hundreds of billions needed to continue the bush tax cuts, or any thing about his healthcare plan and you will see he is short of ideas. The Clintons are vision people, Obama has the vision but his policy crew are about the nuts and bolts of getting it done - one example is automatic tax filings like NZ moved to a few years ago. Both McCain and Obama pledge to rid washington of pork and lobbyists but only one is surrounded by Lobbyists and their money and its not Obama.

BTW Gianpaolo, India is the worlds largest democracy...