Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Light a candle for sisomo

I love all forms of sisomo but this sisomo card created by artist/designer Julie Ruiz for VH1 is special. It’s proof again that the size of the idea isn’t always about the size of the budget. With simple stop motion photography (ok, it would have taken thousands of shots but anyone with a camera, a bunch of candles and steely determination could do it), Ruiz has created animated images that will burn right into your heart. Iconic, compelling, authentic. Catch some pics of the set-up here. The music is "Cloud Winter Breeze" by Orba Squara. And finally, VH1 which commissioned the work, should take a bow. It was VH1’s Brian Graden who inspired Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s animated Christmas card that turned into the phenomenon that is South Park. Hold onto your hat Julie.


CHRIS said...

VH1 and all music video really, has been the forerunner to some of the world’s best ads, don’t u think? I love Orba Squara’s MySpace, but could not find “Cloud Winter Breeze”, but many other great tracks. Maybe CWB is the whole compilation? Maybe you should send Julie Ruiz to your mate Bob Isherwood, for your New Directors’ showcase? Going back to music video being the forerunner to great ads, Jonathan Glazier is one of my Director Heroes! He’s done a lot of my favourite ads, but who would expect less from a guy whose videography includes the best music clips EVER IN LIFE! I mean just look at the guys that always asked to work with him: Massive Attack; Radiohead; Richard Ashcroft; Thom Yorke’s great UNKLE project; our own Nick ‘n his Bad Seeds. I guess Jamiroquai's Virtual Insanity would be the most historically commercial, (and Radiohead's Karma Police still stirrs the heart), but-as I asked…Don’t you think music video is the forerunner to some of the world’s best ads?

Tony said...

Nice piece of work.

I like these pixels. Reminds me of a giant, human, North Korean screen I saw on It's right at the end of the clip.

Anonymous said...

I did a little research, the full name of the song is, "Sky Cloud Winter Breeze". What a beautiful sound.