Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Farewell Jack Roberts

My dad just died.

Jack Roberts





Susan Plunkett said...

Vale Jack Roberts.

A man who has a family and legacy to be proud of and who clearly had the character to establish the basis of that.

Much regret and fondness for you Kevin.


Cagan Yuksel said...


White Mountain Marketing Associates, LLC said...

Bless you my friend. We all take that one straight in the chest. Think! Talk! Laugh and Cry, then move on...with Love.

If you need anything, all you need do is ask, KR. I'm there.

Gianfranco Chicco said...




Sarah Cruickshank said...

So sorry for your loss Kevin.


Chris said...

Hi Kevin

Only just got the news. I bet he was proud of you? Tell us more about your Dad? Write about him?
God Bless...To U, ur family and Jack.

Derrick Daye said...


My best to you. Take comfort in knowing your father is enjoying an exciting and wonderful beginning.


Jordan Chénard said...

Condolences Mr. Roberts.

Chris said...



At this dreadfully sad time for Kevin, please obviously ignore my previous email and attachment of my YouTube Barbados Living Legends mobile vlog clip. Just please ignore it! It's entirely insignificant under these difficult times and circumstances! I lost my Dad when I was only 11, and have lost those very near and dear to me since-over staggered-and some very recent-periods! But no-one understands the private bond of son 'n father, whether you were close or constantly at battle. I had just argued with mine, as a little boy, and then he practically dropped dead in front of me! To be frank, I still miss him and want to talk with him! I only see my own Europe based Boarding School son and daughter over years as opposed to days...

No-one can begin to understand individual pain, because it's exactly that; individual, private and a special sacred time!

It can even inspire or sometimes do amazing things....Like write that letter you never wrote. Or sing that song. Or climb that mountain.

One, hopefully non condescending thought....Kevin knows and understands the Kiwi culture, almost perfectly. I believe if he looks to the spiritual Maori culture and its intriguing plethora of positive thought in death, this might be comforting to him and other members of his family. Or -perhaps- thrash a rugby ball around a muddy loan field and beat the shit out of some storm. Whatever, I don't know the situation well enough to help. I'd like to destroy a Squash Club with one thrash or write a quick poem or website about K's Father...But that's not my duty either and I could get it soooo wrong!

All I know is that just before reading of K's loss-I was dabbling on one of our local blogs with a POV or answer about an argument some of this blog's gutless and anonymous audience were having about a Web or Digital Award that had just been won by one of our leading digital stars. Fact is that these anonymous and argumentative people did not deserve my thoughts. The piece written was possibly still hyped up a bit and maybe even nominated by same network peers, (in fact I think the guy's head of digital even judged it). But fact also is that the guy who won it, (or has been nominated for it) deserved it...I knew-from just one long phone conversation with this cat, (funnily enough in New Zealand) that he deserved that award, (funnily enough a few years before he even won it or before its category had become so significant and judged not just by his Peers-Around-The-Industry-Corner)....But still-the scats that go down with these blog-fighting men about awards, is so obsessive and so stupid, in comparison to the loss of family! Even in comparison to the b-boy street dancing artists or graffiti DJs or Web Artists that can possibly write more worthy D&AD's, Cannes', One Shows and Webby's than most of this blog can! But cannot afford to chase or enter each category worldwide every minute! I look at all the other worldwide blogs and award shows and do not see the same uninviting arguments in New Zealand, much of Asia, China, Europe and the States...So, combined with K's News, it saddened me to see the same old same old-with the POV's building from those whose ad houses burnt down years ago!

SORRY FOR YOUR NEWS KEVIN! God Speed and keep winning every award there is ever to be won...Because you and others deserve them more than some! (I know you're part of the same industry I've mentioned above, but the reason I blog with you is because you're in a class of your own!)

I remain-Yours as sincerely as I can-BRACKET BOY, (AKA Chris)! God Bless Mate!

Tim said...

My heartfelt condolences for your loss Kevin.

I second Chris, it would be wonderful to read about your father someday.

A Illanes said...

Love hits us with mistery... and remains silent.
A big hug, from Cambridge.

Kempton said...


So sorry for your loss.


David MacGregor said...

Mr Roberts, I found this when one of our mutual colleagues, Paul Jeffreys of Saatchi Auckland passed:

Sorrow's Gift:

"We never quite get over the sorrow caused by losing those most loved. We only learn to live with it, and to live despite it - which - and there is no paradox here - makes living a richer thing. That is sorrow's gift; though we never covet it ."

A.C. Grayson

Condolences Maestro.

thekiwiguy said...

Sorry to hear about your Dad Kevin. Even good things come to a pass....We keep missing each other in NYC! I have tried to connect...but you are illusive :o)

Angus Norton

Piotr Jakubowski said...

My deepest condolences, Kevin.

Piotr Jakubowski

Kevin Roberts said...

Dear all,
My deepest thanks to each of you for your heartfelt thoughts. Family, community, emotions and love – these are truly what connect us globally. I cherish the support you’ve shown me.

All my best,