Tuesday, March 4, 2008

100 Day Plans

I am an optimist. I believe in our ability to shape the future, right wrongs, make life better and create new opportunities. That’s why I am a huge believer in 100 Day Plans. The 100 Day Plan lifts your eyes, mind and heart up off the pavement and out to the horizon. It cuts a path through detail swamps and meeting deserts to create action. A great 100 Day Plan demands a great challenge. A challenge that can be achieved but only with dedication, a little sacrifice and a big stretch of the imagination. When I started this blog, my 100 Day Plan included a determination to get back in touch with the things that were important in my past as well as pushing toward the future. That’s why around 100 Days after launch I was posting about family, my connections with Grasmere and the friends I had known for life, as well as what’s changing, what’s new and what’s unexpected. Never forget that some business tools are also terrific for shaping your life.

100 Day Plans require focus and commitment. They help you keep on track with what’s most important (not just what’s most urgent) in the center of all your decisions. Getting started is deceptively simple. First list around 10 things you need to achieve over the next 100 days. Start each plan with an Action Verb and use no more than 3 words each. Win vs France, Rehab left knee, Win US Presidency. And don’t forget to let FREDA come out to play! Make sure each action is measurable and that each one is a stretch. You’ll know when something is a real stretch and when you’re just creating a list with things you can tick off. Review your list every Friday morning. When the 100 Days comes round, the goal is to have each item checked off. All you need to do then is get a sheet of A4 paper and get started.


Anonymous said...

I have just lost my first business there has never been a better time for a 100 day plan... Mine starts tomorrow. Thank you Kevin

Andrew Smith said...

That's both an inspiring and very practical blog post Kevin.

100 days is a magic measure of time.

Long enough to get something worthwhile done.

Short enough to keep the vision and passion on the front burner.

More like this please.

Anonymous said...

What a cool idea.
I'm going to start this today!


milly said...

There are many things I'd like to do, change... I love this idea. Thanks, Kevin.

elle fagan said...

Thanks, Kevin... a fine thing to see in print at this time of year...even Nature compels us to get into personal growth!

You mention 'Grasmere'...in UK?
Here in New England, we have a famous Grasmere, too. Made me smile. So many of
our place names were chosen to remind colonists of the homes they left behind.

Thanks for 'Grasmere' too !


100 day plans are not only neat when things have crashed, but when they stall. An offline project took me so far away from my online things, that sales just stopped. I never realized how much of me is needed to keep the quiet and nice fine arts flow going along as I wish. Back to it! 99 days to go! :-)