Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Home - Day 3

It was back to School to talk to the 6th formers about Passionate Choices and Personal Purpose, interspersed with a lot of irreverent ads and antidotes. The lads were chirpy, smart and fun. Some great questions backed by very positive attitudes. As a plus, my old English teacher, Peter Sampson, rocked up. It was great to see him in such fine form. In a couple of months, on 16 April, he will be 70. It was Peter who single-handedly introduced a top class drama program into LRGS and he is still involved in the theater and singing. After a good chat with Peter, it was back to the Headmaster’s dining room to host a dinner of 24 local business people and kick around the idea of work/life integration and what that meant for small and big businesses. We talked a lot about Purpose, Flow, Inspiration and a great time was had by all. Five hours later, it was down to the Headmaster - Andrew Jarman, Joe McCollum, Ben and I and a bottle of red.

Back in Grasmere, Joe, Ben and I formally engaged in the age old tradition of wetting the baby’s head. Ben’s been full on for the last eight weeks with Stella and this was the first opportunity to let his hair down, which he did with some style. We called it a night at 4:20am, having drunk the fridge dry of Beck’s and following some strong accompanying vocals from Ben to Thunder Road, Born to Run and No Surrender. Upstairs Stella somehow slept peacefully through it all.

Patrizia has gone back to Rome. Stella, Clarissa and Ben have gone back to London, Joe’s back in Stratford-upon-Avon and I’m in Grasmere on another cloudy, Lakeland day. The dogs howl and the caravans move on.


Kempton said...

Great to hear the fun you are having at home with baby Stella and families. Wonderful that you took time to meet with students and teachers to share your insights and passions.

Take care,

Susan Plunkett said...

I do love the look of Grasmere. The cottage would be a wonderful place to write, especially being up there on the hill.

And I WILL praise the good common sense of living lives and being noisy around Stella. I sometimes cringe at people scared to even speak if a baby is asleep. Stella is bound to live a life of gusto and I think it good to commence as you intend to live.

But, come on Kevin, did you change a nappy? Mind you, I know many young folk who don't own any nappies. So, where are you environmentally on parents who only buy disposables? ;-)

Kevin Roberts said...

Kempton - I love speaking to students, they’re fun.

Susan - This has been answered via the posting.