Wednesday, February 20, 2008

20 Travel Wishes for 2008

  1. Heathrow terminal 5 opens on time and begins working as a passenger hub rather than a shopping mall.
  2. “Clear” security control opens in every U.S. terminal.
  3. Get rid of the nonsensical liquids ban.
  4. Scrap the even more nonsensical shoe removal procedures. (They’ll try something new you idiots; not something that’s already failed!)
  5. The travel industry embarks on a real Sustainability program, starting with personal changes all employees and passengers can make on their journey.
  6. New York airport authorities enforce a 30% reduction in flights from the Big 3 NY airports.
  7. LAX – JFK opens up to serious, customer-focused airlines. They should check out the current Qantas option (but without having to go on to Sydney).
  8. Movie lovers/TV fans are allowed to take over in-flight video programming, removing the current el cheapo procurement people.
  9. Whole Foods or Tesco’s Fresh open healthy, boutique, food stores in every U.S. domestic hub.
  10. Airline meals are transformed from junk food to healthy.
  11. Alitalia lands a big sack of government funding along with a visionary team to transform it into the ultimate Italian Lovemark experience.
  12. Airport newsagents all over the world, especially the U.S., start to offer current daily papers from all major countries.
  13. Eurostar and other great Eurotrain experiences keep on growing and expanding their routes. For a start, bring on the German Ice Train!
  14. Miami airport starts to work!
  15. Airport shopping focus is switched from global fragrance/booze/tobacco to individualized local markets selling hard-to-find/exclusive local products that actually delight people.
  16. The First Class private studios on Emirates and Singapore Airlines force competitors to upgrade – fast.
  17. Airline uniforms dress down from military to smart casual. Air New Zealand through its Zambesi designs is setting the standard.
  18. Lounges around the world go for tranquility, openness and space. Think Cathay in Hong Kong. And, while they are at it, ban all big-screen TVs that are always playing CNN, too loud, all the time.
  19. Ensure all airport designers study, replicate and incrementally improve the high standard set by Munich.
  20. Make the toilets bigger and more spacious in all new planes. (Ok, ok, maybe this is just a guy thing.)

With thanks to Monocle for the inspiration


willow51674 said...

I don't know which is more true or funny, the Zambesi Kiwi, or potential for whole foods or other local flavors taking over airports. I'll tell you one thing, simple observation should account for more decision making that half the market research the bueareaucrats do to make decisions! I think for half of these things to happen, it will take 300 years of legislation, sooo let's open them ourselves! Oh I so wish!

Piotr Jakubowski said...

Hahaha. I agree with each and every one of those.

I've noticed that the Asian airlines have significantly healthier food. I recently flew ANA from Tokyo to Singapore, and we were served a side of fresh sushi rolls on top of a healthy meal.

Numbers 2, 3 and 4 are so true. I am sick of being on the secondary screening list all the time too.

Maybe airport designers should also consider Terminal 3 in Singapore.

Finally, they should redo the International Terminal at LAX.

Anonymous said...

... one day... i hope to meet kevin roberts :)