Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Looking back, looking forward

The beginning of a New Year feels like the right time to check out what touched KRConnect readers most in 2007.

What would you think was the most read post of the year – and by a country mile? I’ve got to say it caught me by surprise. 'Darkly Dreaming Dexter' a review of the book by Jeff Lindsay. Jeff is the pen name of crime writer Jeffry P. Freundlich (nice branding shift Jeff) whose wife, Hilary Hemingway – yes, those Hemingways, she’s a niece – is also an author. As most of you will know by now, the TV series was closely based on the Lindsay book but I hear series two will be written as original story lines. A word of caution to the Showtime network: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Make sure Jeff Lindsay is part of the mix to preserve his compelling tension between empathy and horror.

Number two? You loved the idea of the Cartier LOVE bracelet. Let’s hope some of you got one for Christmas.

Third was my top ten list of magazines. You have to admire the magazine business. Every month I hear that it is all over for them and every day I spend some of my most enjoyable moments flicking through their pages. If magazines are heading for the exit, someone needs to come up with a fantastic alternative. I certainly don’t fancy a long flight without an armful, and although I respect the ambition of Amazon’s Kindle, I just can’t love it.

Your fourth most read post was my thoughts on where high-definition TV might take us. You must rate the prospects for human authenticity in the high-def world as I do: high.

I was touched to find that my piece honoring my great friend Bob Isherwood came in at number five. As Susan956 commented, Bob is a hard-to-beat mix of savvy, humility and an intuitive sense of what’s important; making his the driving passion behind Saatchi & Saatchi’s creativity. How fitting that he was recently awarded a Doctorate by his alma mater, RMIT, in Melbourne.

And that brings me to slot number six, the post on Every Day Matters for JCPenney and a good way to go out. I think Every Day Matters is one of the great ideas for any brand and a philosophy that will make JCPenney a great Lovemark.

It’s been quite a year.


Susan Plunkett said...

It's interesting how we look for patterns. You've got hit rates on topics. I tend to look at social patterns and how people respond to topics and what they are saying about them - what words and expressions they use when they reply. This will tell you a lot about what matters to your reader community.

I also look at the themes and patterns of language YOU choose Kevin. I've never sat and completed any sort of qual broad analysis but I think it would be interesting to do.

I'd also be interested to know how controversy in reader response posts may have triggered greater hit rates. "Community" usually does build greater blog or site usage and I think there was a community building here in 2007. Certainly, cross exchanges between blog members increased and personally I thought that a good thing. It led to a vibrancy.

I know I began to take on a pattern in the latter half of 2007, knocking on the door of higher socio-economic experience and questioning it's transference and applicability to the lower socio-ec experience.

I wound up thinking (in loose) terms of Kevin being clouds and me being gravel.

I think we need both.

I didn't get a Cartier LOVE bracelet no. :)

Are you thinking of using the themes of the 'top 5' or 10 to guide topic choices this year? I hope to be totally surprised from time to time.

Susan Plunkett said...

By the way, the image that was used on the Dexter piece was great and if you recall, Piotr and I exchanged ideas about what the 'blood spot' suggested. I suspect that image unto itself was a draw card so well done whoever chose it.

I also wanted to note here - and I trust this will amuse Kevin (in a nice way) - that I tried my hand at writing a radio advertisement last year.

I found it more difficult than I thought and I only did 'ok'.

I really appreciated the opportunity I was given by a business to try my hand and indeed it led to an interesting cultural exchange of info - e.g. how Aussie radio communication exchanges often have a total 'send up' quality to them and how here, well known people can advertise a product but can do so in a semi put down fashion. It's rather quirky and so my attempt at writing was culturally revealing. What may suit here would not suit a particular US audience.

I always think trying your hand at another field a great thing to do. It helped me acquire a sympathy and empathy I didn't have before and as a researcher it really informed me.

I am now more involved in quant and qual research on business forums and providing businesses with insights garnered from member posts and feedback. :) Maybe this is my niche field after all. But the call of the creative is never far away.........

J said...

Hi there

I always enjoy the blog pieces about innovation and new ideas within business and brands.

Yep, I also liked the top ten magazine list article.

Thanks for pointing us towards "Fast Company". What a great read - it always looks at the 'human interest' side of business, 'slice of life' style stories which I personally tend to enjoy reading a lot more than the dry analyses of quarterly reports that tend to be in abundance in business related journalism.

P.S. thanks for the S&S photo book and postcards. Really nice aesthetics and has given me some great ideas.

Roll on 2008


Vivec said...

Although I don't agree with all your ideas, certainly KR Connect is one of the few blogs worth tracking. Here's to keeping up the momentum in 2008.


Piotr Jakubowski said...

I thought my favorite post was also the feature about the Magazines. I remember in class somebody talking about the Kindle and how it will revolutionize and replace the magazine, books and newspapers. The entire time I was shaking my head. I don't think that the ink left over on your fingers after reading the paper, or the smooth pages of magazines will be replaced.

It's a shame Business 2.0, one of my favorite magazines, had to stop printing.