Monday, December 3, 2007

Stella - Welcome to the world

Dateline: November 24, 6:46pm, Rome.

My eldest son Ben and his partner Clarissa are walking on air. Baby Stella was born within 24 hours of her predicted due date. She was 3.3kg, 51cm and beautiful. She was also born on our friend, Richard Hytner’s, birthday. Richard immediately texted me with the news that she was destined to become a Red, a Manchester United supporter like the deluded Mr. Hytner. Fat chance. She’ll be Roma and Manchester City!

Stella is Ben and Clarissa’s first baby, and our first grandchild. Rowena was at the birth, my daughter Rebecca has flown over from New Zealand, great-grandma Rita is on the scene, along with Auntie Julie and Tio Pedro. Annette Ettorre and Andrea were also there for the birth, giving Ben love and reassurance from his Italian family. The hospital has been inundated with Clarissa’s family and friends, and of course, her proud mother, Patrizia. There is nothing the Italians like more than babies and family. So, a red letter day for the family and a life changing moment for Ben and Clarissa. The sun shines brighter today!


Kempton said...

Congratulations Ben and Clarissa.

Baby Stella, welcome to a world of love from your parents, your grandparents, relatives and friends that you are going to meet and know.

Congrats form Calgary.

Susan Plunkett said...

Congratulations to you all.
Another star from heaven graces the earth.

Andy said...

"A very warm welcome to the world Stella."

I wouldn't rule out the chances of her growing up to be a Springbok fan!

Lots of love from the Skinstad family.

Piotr Jakubowski said...

Congratulations, Kevin!

Maybe someone will convince her to be a Kop fan :)

Kevin Roberts said...

Andy / Kempton / Piotr / Susan – thanks for your good wishes. Piotr and Andy – not a chance, she’ll be Roma, Man City, and All Blacks all the way!