Friday, November 16, 2007

The Attraction Economy: a side bar

When we first launched Lovemarks into the world, a few people found it hard not to associate the idea with sex. Lucky we didn't name it Lovebites! Or perhaps unlucky if you want to grab attention. This article about Australian miners being given sex education to increase production simply leapt out at me. The faint-hearted can stop reading here. Apparently hundreds of men at the Bulga mine in Australia’s Hunter Valley have been attending classes on topics like menopause and foreplay. The reason? Management has decided miners who don’t get regular sex can be “grumpy at work”. I kid you not. What's more, Xstrata Coal's management (the people responsible) claim that the classes have been a great success. I can report that flyers covering the classes were “snapped up” by the miners. As the course leader, Tammy Farrell of Core Health Consulting said, “We’ve obviously got some cranky men with cranky wives out there who want some help”.


Susan Plunkett said...

Hah. Even the title has a sexual connotation today :)

Well, the article indicates that sex was but one topic among diet, heart health and nutrition etc etc and appears to have partly emerged from the extra virgin oil mention. Yep, I can see those blokes having a chuckle over that for sure.

I wondered how some of the women might feel as being referred to as "cranky" and menopausal. I wondered whether anyone spoke of hysterectomies and some of the other life challenges we ladies can face at that point.

But, it's all good.

Genders should be discussing these issues just as genders should understand prostrate issues for men etc.

Will the wives and partners be spoken to also about their role in bringing the romance back?

Do programs tend to work where only one partner is targeted? Would be interesting to research 6 months down the track and see whether these people report changes in their sex lives etc. Given that many women work in mining these days I must admit I wondered what they had to say during these talks. Or perhaps at this mine no women work underground.

Anonymous said...

hey kevin!! i'm a student in the upc - perú're awesomeeeE!!!

Piotr Jakubowski said...

An interesting correlation, but nevertheless an important issue. And narrowing down effective productivity to such issues as diet, exercise and sex provides a great opportunity to help Xstrata increase production by tending to the needs of their employees.

Do you think that there is a lack of sex education in schools in Australia?

Susan Plunkett said...


I suspect the issues that are being addressed in the course are not typical issues covered in sex ed classes. Looking at the blokes though and considering if your wife is in menapause most of the men will be in their 50's they may not have had classes per se at school. I didn't.
And these days half the kids will be given notes from parents excusing them.

Don't forget, female circumcision is still practiced and in many western nations.