Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Tudors: Epic storytelling

The hottest, raunchiest show on television right now is set hundreds of years ago in England. It’s based on a true story incorporating sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, along with wars, jousting, religion, politics and globalization. I’m talking about "The Tudors". Meet Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, Cardinal Wolsey and Thomas Moore; all brought to life brilliantly by a U.S./Canadian production. The mini series is airing on Showtime and I think has just been launched in the U.K. If you recall him from Bend it Like Beckham, Jonathan Rhys Meyers stars as the young Henry VIII. We are talking sex symbol of 2007, and that’s not to mention the luscious Anne Boleyn who has just made her appearance. Even though many of you might know how this epic story ends, the secret of the show is all in the devious detail. Sam Neill is absolutely brilliant as Cardinal Wolsey, the scheming power behind the throne. The cinematography is sensational and the pace and drama gripping. I watched four episodes on DVD back to back and spent the rest of the night playing out Tudor war games (with Anne Boleyn thrown in to make things interesting).


Susan Plunkett said...

In many ways I find this hilarious. If we were to go back in time and actually get down and dirty amongst the nits and the smells and dirt and lack of washing, we would know the experience in an entirely different way than the show depicts. Then again, the shows takes fulsome advantage of that BIG erogenous zone..the mind (and it's willingness to fantasise and be romanced) :)

I'm sure Anne thought your codpiece tres bon Kevin :)

Kempton said...

Great show and I love it as well. I think Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Natalie Dormer, Sam Neill and other cast members all did a wonderful job. I am surprised you were able to stop after 4 episodes. (smile)

P.S. I guess CBC executives are quite proud of their involvement as I was reminded of the fact that the show was co-produced by Showtime and CBC.