Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fridge Dreams: a Magnetic Attraction

What is it about fridge magnets? Is there a fridge door in the world that is blank? I doubt it. The kitchen may be the heart of every home, but the fridge door is an intimate reflection of what’s important to a family. Kids’ drawings, take-out menus, holiday snaps, school reports, shopping lists…this is where it happens. A perfect example is my sister-in-law, Julie Munton, who has a fridge magnet from every place she's been. Let’s take this frozen passion a step further and check out a site that opens the fridge door wide and explores what’s inside. And yes, it’s called fridgewatcher. While this site is still in its early stages (there aren’t many fridges included and most of them are from the Netherlands), I put it out as a good example of how smart people in business can use the Web in a far more exciting way than Googling demographics. Anyone with true empathy can learn a lot from the contents of these fridges. And, having learnt, they can start to create experiences that attract people from the fridge out. Cool products that not only taste good, but also give a fridge some class.

Don’t miss the chocolate obsessed fridge from Alexandra, New Zealand. Here’s some real wisdom to think about:

“I do have pictures of the chocolate stage [of my fridge]! In the pictures you see my daughters reaction the first time she saw that particular phase of my fridges life :-) One good thing about growing up and getting a job is that you find you have the money to do whacky things that you would have wanted to do as a child. Unfortunately we tend to get caught up in adult problems and forget the dreams and idea’s we used to have in our younger years. So, every now and again I like to do something different to remind myself that there’s more to life… and also just because I can :-)”

My response? Let’s all aspire to fridges that nourish our dreams!


Kempton said...

Real cool site, Kevin. Thanks for linking to it.

Susan Plunkett said...

Hah. The ultimate "I've so got the munchies" fridge :)

Piotr Jakubowski said...

I've always loved the people who put word magnets on the fridge that you use to put together sentences, poems and phrases of nonsense!

As for the concept, a great, alternative way to share your life with others.

P.S. I want that chocolate!

Allison said...

I've just visited the site, and I'm still chuckling and grinning.

The words and magnets on the side of our fridge are a source of pleasure and laughter for most visitors here. New sentences are made on a weekly basis. The front of our fridge holds an eclectic mix of magnets marking decades holding up pictures and family photos and the odd few notices.

I remember going through a pinky and crunchie stage as a teen - they all had to be chilled first.

I love it that every time my children come back home from where ever they are in their life, they come into the house, straight to the kitchen and open the fridge door, which is followed closely by the pantry scan.

Thanks for pointing me to the website.