Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bruce Springsteen: The Boss is Back

After a five year absence, the E Street Band is back, and they’re back big! Springsteen’s 15th studio album Magic hits it right out of the park. It combines the best of Born to Run’s youthful vigor, energy and optimism, with the maturity and pain of an aging freedom fighter. 'Radio Nowhere' kicks the album off and will be the tour’s 'Thunder Road' or 'No Surrender'. The big man takes to the stage on 'Livin' in the Future' and the band is in top form throughout. Bruce’s American spirit flies free. Here’s the Boss erasing all the doubts those of us living in or experiencing today’s US. My favorite track is 'Girls in Their Summer Clothes'. It’s a great love song written by someone exactly the same age as me. Someone who is feeling life pretty much the same way as I do as all those girls just “pass me by.”

A rock ‘n roll album for the ages. . . and for the aging (Richard!!)


Susan Plunkett said...

Tall, and tan, and young, and handsome
The boy from Ipanema goes walking
And when he passes, I smile
But he doesn't see.....

:) I was saying to someone happens..there comes an age when men stop seeing you as they pass by!

damonwebster said...

Gotta tell ya Kevin-
That is my favorite song off the album also. he totally rocked it here in LA.

Kempton said...

Saw a pretty good Springsteen segment on 60 minutes few weeks ago. Worth watching.