Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Simply fantastic

Check out this fun video:

Following up on my piece about simplicity, here is a great example. The best sisomo is sisomo inspired by the simplest best ideas. Production value is important, but not as important as magic. In some quarters that is has become known as the Zapruder Effect, based on the short piece of grainy, silent 8mm film that showed the tragic assassination of John F. Kennedy and demonstrated once and for all the power of ideas and emotion over technology.

So it is with the extraordinary sisomo you can see here. This single take piece is called Daft Hands, based on the Daft Punk song 'Harder, Better, Stronger, Faster'. Incredibly it was made by a 19-year old called FrEckle. Why is it such a blast? Because it’s smart, it’s simple, it’s economical, it’s skillful and it brings joy to your heart. This version has been taken from The Radar Festival’s Top Ten Low Budget Music Videos. Also included in the Top Ten is one of the most unforgettable short sisomos ever. Bob Dylan presenting Subterranean Homesick Blues as directed by the legendary documentary maker D A Pennebaker. Look out for beat poet Allen Ginsberg lounging in the background.


Susan Plunkett said...

I think the notion clever and it of course reminded me of signing language. I like the cross over then letters on two hands joined to make a word. So, I liked elements of it and can see their cleverness (tho hasn't this been done before in advertising? Somewhere in the back cave of my memory I can see something along these lines. hmmm).

However, doesn't mean this person saw the idea before of course and yes I think it novel.

However, it wasn't great for me. Intro too long and then once I got the gist I was..well..bored. However, as a low budget piece, top marks! Obviously I am looking at it from an array of criteria and on some I would give it props and on others lower ratings.

Gosh I sound hard compared to Kevin's fulsome praise... I am reminded of..gulp..American Idol or So You Think You Can Dance judging!

I have things to do on my mind so maybe that was part of it. I still prefer the Japanese theatre piece I offered some time back even though the base technique is not original.

Susan Plunkett said...

This might not have been made for a music video purpose but I admire this and it's also ultra low budget. As a mother I cringe for their knee joints and legs however as an observer I have to give props for the skill. I also like the light and shade of the composition - those still strength moments against action. For anyone who celebrates life and youth, surely this is a winner?

mattw said...

Absolute genius - Showing the creative thought process of such a young person is inspiring to all creative professionals. Extremely clever - there is a talent that will go far.

Kempton said...

Thanks for linking to this fun short film. The fact that it is low-budget (or no-budget) surely inspire other filmmakers to try something. Simple and fun.

Susan Plunkett said...

Ok, now, I loved this. Since my view was different than the folk who posted I spent some time looking through other YT versions of Daft Punk music. I came across 3 I liked but I thought this great. I really like mashups for one thing so this started well for me. I love the life of this. But I was also drawn it to wonder what they were doing at one point. It had the mystery element - and when I realised what it was my arm went into the air for a whoop whoop. I felt thrilled and pleased at the end and thought the message very clever. Do watch it if you like to see a mystery played out:

Susan Plunkett said...

Oh, and yes, I know the last example I offered broke the criterion of economical (I presume - I'm not a film maker) but gosh I thought it worth offering. I watched it again and just have such a joyful and swelled enthusiastic heart at the final message and the journey to that.

I also asked, with no bias at all, 3 people under 24 to watch that hands piece and tell me what they thought of it. I said nothing at all about my own impression. Their responses lead me to note that asking can be worthwhile - and to suggest that people potentially used to more complex media, may be easily pleased :) (Susan makes a provocative statement).

Piotr Jakubowski said...

Great link to the top 10 low budget music videos! It's great proof that creativity is the most important when it comes to production of such short films. Once the creativity is there, if there's a will, there's a way to produce anything (especially now that technology is a lot more accessible!).

My favorite is Justice vs. Simian. I actually met the guy who woke up with a Tuxedo drawn on his body in marker.

Susan Plunkett said...

How about this low budget 'I happened to be there' style film using the same track as FrEckle. Now this gave me the joy factor because I would feel the thrill of the audience. Their peers up on stage doing something unexpectedly cool and just loving the whole vibe and then seeing the group themselves getting the groove on. Issues about film quality didn't lessen my enjoyment of this.

There's another really enjoyable Charleston version on YouTube for those interested to look.

Susan Plunkett said...

I really love some of the European Guinness ads and look out for them now on YT. Lo and behold, a hands one. Obviously one respects a lot of good editing went into this but it's clever. Just two hands and paper background

Allison NZ said...

I loved this!

Took a while to get into it, but there again it was a build up. I'm still smiling, this reached me I think because it is so accessable, so easy - that any of us could do it or have done it, I think that it offers me something in that regard too. It's something we might have done at school in the years of paper games, marbles (lost mine) and writing on our digits. Perhaps we can look to school children for more of such inspiration - their minds are seemingly so uncluttered.

Groovy alright and good stuff!

Susan Plunkett said...

I still have marbles..some very old ones in the collections. I would only play friendlies and not keepsies :)