Friday, September 7, 2007

Phones for the future

“Phones to support intimacy and sensuality.” I could have written that brief myself – although I would have added mystery of course to include all three essential Lovemark qualities. Product design students at the University of Dundee’s College of Art, Science and Engineering rose to the challenge and developed six amazing phones. Each phone is inspired by a strong idea of what people love. They look fantastic and they even have great names. 'Aware' is a necklace that sends tingles down your spine when a friend is nearby. 'Boom Tube' lets you communicate with music instead of texting or talking. As the phone becomes increasingly central to our lives, I believe we’ll be looking for something more than an efficient device to put in our pockets. These Dundee students not only believe that, but see mystery, sensuality and intimacy lighting the path ahead.


Susan Plunkett said...

My immediate thought was "funky". Bite into a grape on the bunch and a 70's sort of OHMMMM strikes a chord?

:) Have a friend who's a Queen Bee and those who are drones? :-P Talk to those in Northern Hemisphere on Aurora Borealis and those in the Southern on Aurora Australis? Talk to a slightly deaf friend down the tube? Get a message or use a cube to drive your game mad friends nuts?

Nice to see the students also composed an online advertisement presence and so on. Were they seeking consumer feedback somewhere?

Piotr Jakubowski said...

Definitely an interesting collection of concepts. I enjoyed the "Aware" model the most. I wonder if it would have an option to turn that off when around friends. I would not want to have my spine tingled to death when being among them!

I'd agree that phones will break the threshold and head in that direction. In terms of intimacy, I think the iPhone was the first step in that direction, incorporating the sense of touch into the communication experience. Next thing you know, we'll be communicating in holographic messages like Star Wars characters.

Susan Plunkett said...

Ok, so they're coins and not bite-able per se. They looked like a bunch of grapes to me! :)

Piotr.. I still wince at lovely big men with their fingers in a knot trying to operate a miniscule pad. I want a talk response phone on the market.

I was intrigued that one group of students were offering their phone gratis.