Friday, September 14, 2007

Elegant, Arrogant, English and Loving it!

Saatchi & Saatchi’s aging rocker, Richard Jupp, was with me in Singapore the other week when I was speaking at Global Brand Forum. Richard gave me a terrific long-sleeved, collared cotton shirt made from vintage fabric from a Manchester Company called English Laundry. On the left breast was All You Need Is Love and the words to the classic song were on the back right-hand panel. The story behind English Laundry is amazing. A few young lads in Manchester or, as they call it today, The Center of the Universe, picked up a load of original fabrics from the 60’s and 70’s that had been laying in some old warehouses. They produced a funky range of arrogant designs; handmade fabric, handmade embroidery, handmade stitching with tongue in cheek Manchester design elements. One t-shirt has Welcome to Manchester from English Laundry emblazoned on the front. On the back are the words, Now F**k Off. Madness and attitude. It’s an updated version of my retro Lovemark Ben Sherman. I love it. I just ordered 6 of their summer designs, including St. Mary, St. John, Wigan, and Coronation Street! Check ‘em out.

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Susan Plunkett said...

Nice score Kevin :)

Aging rocker? I saw the gent in the list and peered at the image and thought the nick not in keeping with his appearance at all. Then again, once you climb over the 50 rail at the jumps, anything under 40 seems young :) Ok, I admit, IF his hair is permed then maybe the nick is suitable! (Ok, no shirt for me :) ).

The laundry has a nice looking site and really speaks "We're British and proud of it!"

My son has a nice T that I initially raised an eyebrow over.

"Got root".

It's a techhead thing :)

I've been waiting for someone to send up the term t-shirt and write t-shit(e) or similar.

Lovely to hear about the fabrics. I often think what I could have achieved if I had my mum's collection of 60's/70's caftans :)