Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Toi and Moi

Last Saturday in New York, I trekked up to Chelsea to visit Karim Rashid’s studio. He’s just designed a Loveseat for Veuve Clicquot. It’s a limited edition of 120 pieces and one of them is heading to the reception area of Saatchi & Saatchi New York now. The piece is a fresh take on the famous 18th century armchair, Toi and Moi. Rashid’s version has two huge, pink flower petals joined on a chrome-plated pedestal, and topped by a pistil in the form of an ice bucket. But, the Loveseat is more than just a seat for two. It takes 3 days of loving attention to produce each one in Italy, and they enter the world representing romance, fun, color and effervescence.

I’ve been a fan of Karim Rashid for some years now. An Anglo-Egyptian raised in Canada, he is playful, colorful, trendy and totally in tune with yesterday, today and tomorrow. His Loveseat is the perfect addition to the Lovemarks Company.


Susan956 said...

Do you ever companion narrative panels (often called interpretive panels) with such works? Responses to the items from employees, visitors et al?

I believe I would find the selection and collection of such artifacts an interesting study unto itself. I'd like to know more about the Saatchi art (paintings et al) collection also.

Piotr Jakubowski said...

After perusing through Karim's shop, I am convinced that I want the Orikami couch. The design work he has done pays great attention to rounded curves, especially in his furniture design. At the same time, he manages to utilize the sharp edge here and there. The loveseat piece looks very cutting edge as well.

Susan956 said...

And perhaps literally depending on your body shape and body length etc :) I was just telling someone about a site where they offer different people of different ages and different body shapes and sizes interacting with the same item. People (client base) are loving it! Almost 30,000 people have signed up to be admitted to the site - no, it's not media, not furniture, not high fashion .. :)

I appreciate you adding some reasoning to why you loved that couch so :)

Kevin Roberts said...

Susan - Maybe we’ll leave interpretive panels to the museums. Our reception staff have the stories if you ever visit.

Piotr - I love the Orikami as well - check out the Kurv Chair:

Susan956 said...

Kevin, that comment cuts across several expressions you have raised in articles here and frankly surprises me. No pig cheeks for you!

However, my heartbeat has recommenced with the promise of what a great work could come out of images of the articles and conversations with your reception staff!