Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Museum of London Brings Love Down to Earth

Nothing attracts people more than other people’s stories. The more personal, the more authentic, and the more they resonate with your own experiences, the more they attract. I was thinking this very thing when I was shown a new way to use Google Earth. This time it is in association with the Museum of London and they are compiling a virtual Lovemap of the city. It is surprisingly simple. You register, locate a place on the map (like all Google-style maps it zooms in from a bird’s eye position to close-ups of houses and streets) and place a virtual pin on it. With your pin you get the opportunity to add a personal story connected with that place. The groupings of the stories could have been taken from the pages of the Lovemarks book: love and loss, friendship and loneliness, fate and coincidence. The experiences that matters most in life. The project is in its early stages but people are already transforming maps into an emotional story of the city. Where love affairs began, places with special meaning, stories about houses that have long family traditions, all sorts of stuff. If you have ever been to London, get involved. Add your story to this inspirational tapestry.


Susan956 said...

I remember my son contacting me excitedly a year or so ago when the Beta version of Google Earth first came out and urging me to go look at the town I lived in at that time. I was rapt to see such fabulous application of the vast library of satellite images that are available.

This is a great! usage of the base material. I hope portable units can be taken into some retirement homes and stories encouraged from those folks who may not have ready computer access. History and future are nice to see together. I enjoy blending of generations on such projects.

And speaking of UK innovation - I love the 'Time Team' show!

Susan956 said...

Could the same concept be applicable to a web site or a blog? Could we story, the story?

Piotr Jakubowski said...

This is a truly innovative and remarkable idea. Definitely a great way to share the places we connect with. And like you've probably mentioned before, love is not an emotion expressed only for other people.

With the way technology has moved forward in the past few years, it's great to see the art of story-telling, albeit remixed and updated, is beginning to return. Verbally with blogs, and visually through such a channel as the one you posted.

Susan - wouldn't it be great to have a travel blog based on a map?

Susan956 said...

Piotr.. Good memory on my past expressions re travel sites/blogs and what I feel they could accomplish.

I very! much like and welcome using technology to express stories - allowing the applications to serve rather than to become 'the' pivotal element as such. The photographic application that I referred to in an earlier topic that can take flickr/YouTube et al images and create whole 'site' views from an array of photographs (even small pieces of a building or scene) is marvelous.

Yes, to use such a mapping system as we're seeing, to zoom in, look at stories, click on images and composites others have taken, soar across to hinterland or alternative spots, fall into an ancient tomb and see relics and artifacts; to have your interest piqued and to know what you do with YOUR travel can add to the collection.. let's do it! :)

I mentioned a site yesterday and what 30,000 people are lining up to see and do inside it. I didn't say what it was and I'm not going to yet :) The topic may sound somewhat pedestrian to some however as I've explored people who are 'in' the site or in the line to enter, and 'why' the site appeals so much, I've received some great qualitative responses and there is significant transferability to sites such as the travel one we've mooted.

Susan956 said...

Whoo hoo..have you seen Google Sky? It enables one to see the stars, planets etc from virtually any position on the earth and then to be out there amongst it all. The astronomy community are delighted!