Thursday, August 9, 2007

Curling up with a Good Book

The most innovative design draws on paradox. Two different ideas brought together to create something better. Here’s a terrific design that not only uses sensuality in a unique way but enhances it with simple functionality. Somewhere comfortable to read and somewhere stylish to store the stuff you read. Talk about being literally surrounded by books. Designed by Sakura Adachi, CAVE also comes in a kid’s version and even in a fun arrangement for pets. If you want to add something special to curling up with a book, Sakura Adachi is your kind of designer.


Susan956 said...

Way novel!! (get it?) :)

I love the window seat idea and ones with shelves either side. Some homes around Grasmere may have such designs.

This is intriguing. My knees would never allow me down into this (fork-lift Farnsworth!) but an interesting design indeed and one that looks ergonomic to boot.

CONSUL said...

Ergonomic yes, Susan, and it should also be relatively comfortable Kevin, .. once you`r in it.

But how does an average individual creep into this Professor Gadget`s electric train stuffing fetal furniture?

And I would also bet a dinner with Mister Adachi, he wouldn`t stand reading Leo Tolstoy`s "Voyna i mir" sitlaying in his creation without possibility of stretching his body once in a while, unless the creation was made out of creeping material..

For Curl-Up, I would recommend one of the fantastic and sometimes impossible designs of the wonderful dutch graphic artist M.C. Escher: The Pedalternorotandomovens Centroculatus Articulosus. (

the paper bicycle; Peter Scarks said...

Just wait until these masters of ergonomics discover sisomo.

Piotr Jakubowski said...

What a way to combine a place and storage for books. Definitely love the idea, the design but especially the innovation.

Cool Insider said...

Nice idea there Kevin, though I wonder what would happen if the reader should decide to stand up or stretch halfway... *boink* ouch!

Probably have to be customised for certain preferred reading stances or sizes. :)

Susan956 said...

Or, wouldn't it be nice if it had a shape shifting capacity. Raise your knees for example and the edging above them raised in response and then came back down when the pressure was removed :) I agree coolinsider that customisation would be the 'go'. Next there's be a capacity to hold a drink!