Tuesday, July 3, 2007

When I'm 64

The Beatles or the Stones? Bob Dylan or Leonard Cohen? Butch or Sundance? Lennon or McCartney? Popular opinion, I guess, might have skewed towards Lennon, given his quirky creativity, but over the years I’ve become a Paul McCartney fan. Last week Team Saatchi in London presented to the man himself, his daughter Mary, and the commercial team who run his late wife Linda’s organic food company.

Managing Director of Team Saatchi, Sophie Hooper, and her people were really impressed with Paul’s creativity, his down-to-earth business sense, and his enthusiasm for the brand and the cause. He was focused, funny and generous. To that you can also add very wise, given that he awarded us with the business!

A couple of years back we were fortunate enough to persuade Paul to play for the Lexus Dealers at their National Conference. We’d taken a track from Chaos and Creation in the Backyard for one of our Lexus spots, and Paul agreed to play a private concert for the Dealers. He was amazing. This is a man who loves to play and entertain. We’ve been privileged enough to see Eric Clapton, Billy Joel, Elton John and many others perform in an intimate environment, but none of them had the sheer enthusiasm and energy of McCartney. He played his own tracks, great Wings work, and the best of The Beatles. Warm, human and very engaging, he played and played, and played.

What has prompted this outpouring is McCartney new album Memory Almost Full. This is the album he was working on before all the recent, highly publicized, personal problems, and had to shelve for a couple of years. I’ve been listening to it non-stop for a couple of days. It really is McCartney’s biography put to music. He comes from Liverpool, about 30 miles from where I grew up in Lancaster, and I find I can relate personally to so much of the stuff he sings about. Musically it’s outstanding, of course, given that Paul (an amazing musical talent as well as a great lyricist) plays all the instruments. “Don’t live in the past, don’t hold on to something that’s changing fast.” McCartney sure isn’t. He’s re-inventing himself and the music business, again. This latest CD was issued on the Starbucks label, Hear Music. It wasn’t so long ago that Hear Music was just a small listening post in Santa Monica and Starbucks a coffee shop in Seattle. In our new world of and/and they can now join with one of the legends of pop music. You can also find the lyrics for Memory Almost Full on paulmccartney.com. Who’d have thought being 64 could be so much fun?

View Paul McCartney 'Dance Tonight' music video.


Anonymous said...

My 15 year old daughter is as big a fan of Paul McCartney as my wife is. I'm a very poor 2nd in this house.

Susan956 said...

Well..firstly..congratulations on the account success. :)

Secondly, I believe there is something close to enthralling about a person when they are both down-to-earth and yet so very talented in their field. And of course Paul's talent has reached the highly intuitive stage and that adds a wonderful dimension.

I've been engaged in examining PhD works this week and one focuses on interviews and narratives with one of the top CEO's in a particular country.

I must say, while the man is tough and demanding, he knows every inch of his business from how recently the forklift trucks have been painted upwards.

His belief in attention to detail as a functional driver of business success was profound and superbly discussed within his narrative.

He posed problematics that individual managers can sometimes be heard to raise and immediately led one to see that many of the those issues arose from poor attention to detail.

One assumes Sir Paul asked good questions :)

Susan956 said...

I just had an opportune moment to watch the Dance Tonight vid you offered. I was instantly captured because the whistle tune is the same one the male character in A Good Life whistles throughout the series. Then the postie was an actor from the Office. Immediate associations of the nice type.

I thought the ending ultra clever..the swaps of fire/washer/dryer prior to that wonderfully done..the mandolin wings a nice device. Given the girl was more focused on I would have welcomed her having a deeper meaning or obvious representation of some sort. That was my only wee bother in the whole thing.

Twas..nayce :)

Thoughts by the way to folks in the UK dealing with floods.

CONSUL said...

Hello Little Girl,
Do you want to know a secret?
When I`m 64,
I`m Happy just to Dance with You
Little Queenie.
Don`t ever change
Every Little Thing
What you`re Doing

Confirmed: Paul McCartney IS a genius!

Elizabeth Love said...

McCartney also paints...


Susan956 said...

elizabeth..Thanks for reminding us of the art. A number of musicians/song writers paint and I enjoy seeing the transference of life expression and joy as they dabble with media.

I hadn't seen the internet greetings site before but had the maccafan. I love the picture of Paul with Willem de Kooning. For me there are several layers of quality in that photograph. It is cheeky, happily embracing and yet amused by a period style. They know it but they're enjoying the moment. They reflect off each other. Paul could have been as much a part of the original setting as a later add on. It's not luminescent per se but there is a different quality about him there compared to de Kooning - even tho I like both very much

Within this topic the issue of collectibles take on new meaning. Do some of us desire the item so that we feel we have a piece of the person in our own lives and in the having of this we then feel part of theirs?

Roberto said...

Hi Guys

I am a huge Beatles fun from Italy. I choose them when I was 4. My uncle was a Rolling Stones fun, my brother a Dylan’s one, but I choose them, I still don’t know why. And till then I collected all their records (and lots and lots of bootlegs too). But obviously I bought all Bob’s and Stones’ ones too. However, Lovemarkly speaking The Beatles and Pearl Jam are my favourite.
Just yesterday I was in a meeting here in Italy with some friends from Saatchi London (Owen, Ben and Andrea) and Carlo from Milan, and We just mentioned Paul Mcacrtney activities for YouTube. A clear sign of changing times.
Yes He produced the video for Dance Tonight, but that's is just for the “Old” TV channels but at the same time he uploaded a couple of home recording for Dance Tonight http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPwh21gGUUY
and Ever, Present Past http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJa_ygEaqnw
They are really great, really intimate, real and obviously they arrive directly to your heart. There is something else I really like to share with you. Just a couple of other videos
The first one, took few days ago from an almost secret Paul’s concert at Amoeba in LA.
And there is a beautiful story behind. Paul started playing Here Today, a song he wrote for John.. It was a very touching moment for him but he was holding up ok until he saw that everyone in the audience was crying. He start crying too!
In the second one you can see Paul and Ringo, playing a quick version of Dance Tonight Paul (mandolin and voice) Ringo (foot)! Whatching them together is always a great moment.

A last note, Paul is not 64 anymore. He just turned 65 few weeks ago.
Happy birthday to ya…..

Susan956 said...

Hello Roberto..almost every young (and older) girl in Australia was going to marry one of the Beatles. I still recall them first coming to Australia and the absolute hysteria and excitement. I'm enjoying the mellow times by comparison :-)

I'll be intrigued to see the Sir Paul/Ringo YT vid soon!

Kevin Roberts said...

Elizabeth / Roberto – Terrific links thanks! Beautiful. This kind of intimacy is so much more accessible thanks to the internet.

Susan – I don’t think any self respecting girl was immune to the Beatles spell, my wife Ro was (and is) a huge fan!