Tuesday, July 10, 2007

To T or not to T?

I’m conflicted. I love Mystery and I also love great ideas. So, what to do when the online t-shirt company Threadless produces 'Spoilt'? On Threadless anyone can submit a design with the best being produced, and Oliver Moss’s 'Spoilt' has got to be one of the best. Oliver’s design reveals the central mystery around 18 great movies. ‘Rosebud was the name of his sled.’ ‘Soylent green is made of people’, etc. So what do you do when someone undercuts Mystery with such brilliance? First, you check out whether you can name all the movies. Second, you don’t put an image of Oliver’s T-shirt on your blog. Third, you do give a link to it on Threadless because it’s such a great idea. New Threadless Ts are released on Mondays – always worth a look.


Piotr Jakubowski said...

How cunning your strategy to make me go and have to check out the website :) Definitely love the design though, even though I can't name many of the films on the shirt. I'm assuming they are cult classics.

The idea and the design is just fantastic. Nice and simple, different fonts, sizes, styles. With the complementing images from the movies. And the spoilers. Fabulous. I think I want one actually.

Wait, Tyler Durden isn't real???

Susan956 said...

Ok, I admit it, this topic is rather spooky given what I was thinking about late last night. Working to complete the thesis examination I was on, I came to a section where the CEO interviewee was talking about his love for Mystery books and how he considers them brilliant for revealing both common concerns across societies and then cultural differences.

I assume he may have been talking Maigret when he spoke of a French plot having an old woman, her apartment door open, concierge in place, both aware of surroundings and informing the police what they have seen and the usual behaviours of the other inhabitants. The CEO comments that the same scene would not be translated to England where the door would simply not be left open and the same woman would be considered a 'busybody'.

I have around 350 mystery books myself and love the genre although almost all mine are British based with the NZ Ngaoi Marsh much loved.

I wonder if there is a mystery subplot to KRConnect and if we only but don a deerstalker and look closely we may see the locked door somewhere? :)

Susan956 said...

I believe Consul and I have arrived at a concept - it's for a Very Ancient and Centennial Old Spice shirt. It comes with it's own scent sachet.

It's actually interesting to see some products move from popular, to being largely abandoned, to then becoming kitch and having a renewed status. As a girl growing up the men had Old Spice and the women Tweed. The risque women had Maja. The women who liked to splash in alcohol had Avon :-)

Susan956 said...

Piotr.. Have you ever read any Conan Doyle? I love the way he storied Sherlock's observational skills and married them with analytical knowledge.

So, from a hat Sherlock could tell your profession, whether you had been rich but had fallen on hard times, what your hair was like and what products you used, whether you bet on horses, whether you were a city or a country dweller, whether you belonged to a guild, and so on.

Fascinating stuff. Hang on, I think I've created a Tee concept..whoo hoo..where is the site! *grin* Nah, mystery has now been done and it's perhaps tacky to piggy back in on the concept. One should graciously allow a period to pass so you can then treat it like a unique concept?? :)

This actually rolls over into the willingness to share ideas actually - a good topic unto itself.

CONSUL said...

T shirts evoluated from underwear to dresswear and from dresswear to messageboard.

Actually T-shirts should be named MB-shirts for Message Board shirts or better, SS-shirts for Subconscience Showing shirts.The messages normally show the ideals of the wearer.

No need for psychoanalysts any more, the message on the shirt helps liberate
the patient from unexamined or unconscious barriers.

Susan956 said...

"Big Brother Voice with Looming Tone":

Consul, You will not be able to Leave the KRConnect house until you distil your last post into a design that could be put on a T-shirt. Your time starts now.....


Kempton said...

Love the t-shirt design. Just love it. thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

What the hell was someone really thinking when they came up with 'Dil is actually a man'? coz in my case it happens to be true.
In anycase the designs are interesting!


They call me 'Dil'

CONSUL said...

Susan: so you want me to extract the essential elements of my post in one design? Too easy..a woman`s face with an enigmatic look in her eyes would be the compendium I`m looking for.

Just yesterday, and in my blogpost (www.ideaforliving.blogspot.com),about J.L.Lopez, incredible artist,designer,illustrator et al,I publish one of his sketches named "Alicia".

The look and expression on her face is the interpretation of any kind of feeling or sentiment, only try to look for a while into her eyes..the new Gioconda..

Susan956 said...

Consul.. So enigma liberates you? :) I'm combining your posts. I'll seen the image to which you refer. Your friend may have no problem at all with you translating that to a T design for yourself. Loads of places will do that.

Kevin Roberts said...

Piotr - isn’t it compelling – Mystery. The less you know about something, the more you want it.

Piotr Jakubowski said...


I believe this aura of mystery is what has propelled the iPhone to its hyped release.

It's also propelled Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows to be the fastest selling book of all time. Talk about a lovemark!

Lastly, what isn't more attractive than the opposite sex with that mystique?


Susan956 said...

Piotr.. Come closer..I will tell you a social secret... *whispers* well, it's from a female perspective..hmmm..anyway..

If you're at a party, ignore the best looking man in the room. Blatantly ignore him. Don't glance. Don't peek. No matter what you look like 9 times out of 10 he will eventually come and speak to you.. simply because he can't understand WHY you're not attracted..all the other women are..are you a lesbian or am I not so groovy after all?