Thursday, July 12, 2007

Inspired by Concorde

People don’t like to see a Lovemark leaving the market. They get mad, and when they’re Inspirational Consumers, they do something about it. A classic example is the effort to give that languishing Lovemark, the Concorde, a second chance. It seems there are Concorde supporters out there who are determined to see the sound barrier-buster back in the air. This group, led by Concorde ex-pilots and ex-passengers, have called themselves Club Concorde. Club President Paul James showed true commitment back in the good old days by chartering a Concorde to take paying guests from London to the Pyramids. Now there’s a guy who knows how to combine Lovemarks! Club Concorde’s idea is focused: get the Concorde flying at least six times a year with flights limited to their own club members. Life membership is only around $20, and already 30,000 Inspirational Consumers have signed up. One person who is sure to have signed up already is Garth, who submitted a story about Concorde on “As a child I folded this plane in paper and dreamed as I watched it fly. As an adult I lived under its flight path and watched it thunder by. The ultimate in power, speed and beauty! The emotions and memories that this plane brings will remain forever, even if Concorde can no longer fly.” My thought? The man we need for this job is Richard Branson. Come on Richard… what sweet revenge for the Dirty Tricks Campaign!