Monday, July 30, 2007

Fan Films

By now you will know my enthusiasm for consumer instigated media. I see the consumer’s passion for sisomo as the essential emotional resource for anyone who wants to win in the Attraction Economy.

The wisdom of empathy tells us that if we immerse ourselves in the passions of consumers, we will be in the right space to come up with creative products and brands that win their hearts. If you believe this, as I do, one place to pay close attention to is fan films. Not only are these productions often bizarre and wildly entertaining, they also map ideas, personalities and aspirations with serious powers of attraction.

What are fan films? They are films made by fans responding to the movies they love. Franchises like Star Trek, Batman, Star Wars and Harry Potter are out front as inspirations. Painstakingly created with actors or actor substitutes, they are frequently compelling, most often entertaining and always created out of passion and commitment to the movie they homage. But don’t just read about them. Check out some of these productions for yourself. If you learn nothing else, you’ll discover what is truly meant by the expression, a labor of love.