Friday, July 20, 2007

Cartier’s LOVE bracelets

I’ve written before about how I wear a Lance Armstrong LIVESTRONG wristband in support of a close friend who has cancer. LIVESTRONG’s bands are made of yellow silicone but when Cartier makes a band for the wrist, expect something different! Silk and white gold to be precise. Their second annual LOVE charity bracelet collection was launched earlier this month on Cartier’s LOVEDAY and it is spectacular. I was in Maurice Levy’s Publicis office last week. It is right opposite the 6th floor window of Cartier’s shop which had a huge LOVE sign in the window. Maurice thought I’d put it there! The Cartier connection with LIVESTRONG is bigger than bracelets though. Cartier is donating more than $1.2 million from the global sales of the LOVE bracelet to charity- that’s $100 for every $475 gold bracelet. Even better, they made it personal. There are eight bracelets with each one identified by a color, a celebrity and their chosen charity. Edward Norton went for green in support of the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust, Liv Tyler for deep pink and The Breast Cancer Research Foundation and Michael Stipe got black for Mercy Corps and Gulf Coast Recovery. Very cool, very distinctive, very Cartier.


Susan956 said...

Forgive me. Perhaps I am merely pedestrian.
I read L E V E and not
L O V E and thus the message seems bittersweet to me. I opened the site and saw no explanation for the symbology of the 'O'. Is that a recognisable Cartier contrivance/idiosyncracy?

I believe we all agree that charities benefiting from such sales is an exquisite point.

I also wonder..just wonder..why notable people, and their reactions to concepts of human emotion, are always established as *the* sources while the thoughts of people who may not ever be able to ponder Cartier in the 'real', remain as sources whose voice is untapped. Perhaps there is no difference in what the two groups may say however..find out?

I'd like to take a bracelet and walk around a park and sit with people of all ages and show them and talk to them about their thoughts of love and what love means...and then in the ultimate text offering on a site such as Cartiers, allow Byron to set alongside Brian or Bruce; allow a corresponding female example.

Is 'empowerment' Kevin not about reaching down and giving voice to people perhaps not usually heard; regarding what they might have to say as worthy, and as noble as those from 'the academy'? Can't empowerment be more than simply shoring up 'a' group already established and powerful? Can there not be a marriage of the two?

Can the full potentials of Cartier be ever reached if it remains beyond the grace of the majority?

So, I'll not yet touch the gold
From me it is withheld
Yet my eyes cast up
And see,
Love, is it?

And upon my wrist appears...

Piotr Jakubowski said...

It's great to see the pioneering of awareness by a luxury brand happen in such a manner. I'm sure there are many luxury brands that pledge funds for a variety of causes, but this is the first time I have seen this type of event. It's something you see more with a packaged good, and at $475, that's slightly more than the run-of-the-mill packaged good.

I also like to see that people with influential images, celebrities, have also selected to use their own images for a cause.

The first step is awareness.

Ramziz said...

I've actually worked on this campaign here in the US on the digital side. We had lots of fun with the creative assets, espcially the videos.

You should check the short film collection on the LOVE site (

Susan956 said...

ramziz.. I'm curious. Was the site checked against mac platforms as well as PC?

Ramziz said...

Good question Susan

Not sure, the site was build in Paris by the Cartier team

We only worked on the banner campaign here in the US

Susan956 said...

ramziz.. I asked because, generically, it is one of my beefs that large sites are often not Mac tested. However I also asked because aspects of the Cartier site were not clear as to what one was supposed to do. Ok, so then you 'play' and experiment but there was one section I had to repeatedly try to open in many and various ways before I seemed to inadvertently click on the one square mm patch that would respond to my Mac. Or, that would respond. I often find its a Mac issue however. I was curious. Thanks for the response.

Piotr Jakubowski said...

i just saw someone wearing these the other day. apparently, the bracelet is placed on and screwed into place, which means you can't take it off unless you have 1. a screwdriver and 2. someone to help you with it.


Susan956 said...

piotr...very..dare I say it..dominant/submissive/master/slave :) This doesn't necessarily imply negative; it can just mean 'attached' with intent. *grin*

Andrew said...

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