Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Zinzan Brooke

Last week I woke up to hear that Zinzan Brooke was in a coma with head injuries in a Spanish hospital. He was coaching the Barbarians in a game against Spain and suffered the injury in Elche later in the night. Zinny is one of life’s originals. His wedding in New Zealand was a wonderful occasion, full of joy, song, laughter and rugby. With wife Ali and his mate Bernie McCahill, he spent the millennium New Year’s Eve in our London apartment overlooking the Thames, and was in irrepressible form. Zinny is one of the most competitive men I’ve ever met. No matter what is involved, he is always sure he can do it faster and better than you. As Jeremy Guscott once said of Lawrence Dallaglio, if you told Lawrence you lived at Sevenoaks in Kent, he would tell you he lived at Eightoaks. Zinny is cut from the same cloth. He was a fantastic No.8, certainly one of New Zealand’s best ever, and the only one who could drop goals from half-way in Test Matches. Zinny is a cavalier; a true renaissance man. The latest news is that he has been discharged from hospital and is now back home in London.


Susan956 said...

I am glad to hear that this man you obviously so admire appears to be on the mend. A few years ago I had occasion to tutor, at distance, a rugby player in writing and it was an educative experience for me. I always enjoy looking in on, and learning from, the culture of others.

David MacGregor said...

Ummm...he fell after a big night on the turps.

Great achiever. Everyone agrees. But leave the poor man alone. He's allowed to get sozzled and fall over.

There's no need to report it

Kevin, you work in advertising…you'll see it every second night of the week.

Zinzan's not bad, not reprehensible...he tripped and fell after a night on the ran-tan.
So what?

I just hope he's recovering. He seems like a decent chap.

Glad he's on the mend.

(It's not news)

Susan956 said...

Hello David,

I was interested to see your post. Apparently it *is* news because, prompted by your comments, I went and did a search on Mr Brooke and this issue just to see what news services were saying and there are many reports. On that basis alone it is clear newspapers in NZ, Australia and England (and International sources online) DO consider it news.

Of the six articles I read 4 did not say a word about what may have led to the fall. One mentioned a party had transpired the evening before. The sixth said Mr Brooke was out with his team. Of the six not one made any overt link between partying and the fall. Not ONE mentioned alcohol.

This then leads me to be interested in your comment "leave the man alone". Kevin did not deride Mr Brooke - just the opposite. Six news articles offered no untoward link or condemned the man. Indeed most expressed concern (covertly) towards his pregnant wife who sat with him by his bedside while he was in a coma). A few hinted at the depth of his career and clearly that many admired him.

Isn't it the case in this instance that it is your own post that has introduced potentially negative material about Mr Brooke? Material that seven sources (including KR Connect) did not?

I felt Kevin's piece was a small tribute and mark of concern and respect.

Isn't interpretation and perspective interesting :)