Friday, June 8, 2007

With the Five Senses

Never underestimate the power of the senses. Bringing touch, taste, smell, sound or sight to your brand can make a huge difference. How often do we find our spirits lifted by music? So why wouldn’t you want to associate this emotionally compelling sense to everything you do? You know from this blog that my iPod has the soundtrack of my life. When I hear one of my favorite songs in a store, or as part of a promotion, I’m already inclined to take notice. The same connections can be made by all the senses but sometimes I reckon we take the senses in very strange directions. Like these Middlesex University researchers who discovered that the effects of tasting chocolate were greater than kissing. It seems bizarre, but the BBC reported that when they monitored the heads and hearts of ‘romantically involved couples’ they reacted more strongly to chocolate melting in their mouths than to kissing. The head researcher Dr David Lewis summed up, “Chocolate beats kissing hands down when it comes to providing a long-lasting body and brain buzz”. I was relieved when even he admitted he was surprised. Then he lost me again. “A chocolate buzz in many cases lasted four times as long as the most passionate kiss.” Four times? I refuse to believe it. Kissers of the world unite!


Susan956 said...

Immediate thoughts:

* Chocolate is a way of giving to self or being given to
* Kissing asks something of self
One draws in and one (how does one avoid saying 'puts out' LOL) externalises (obviously there is a within/without balance however)

* I love chocolate - rich darkish with peppermint centre. My son brought me back a particular brand from San Fran and I've arranged for more since. Divine
* I love kissing but, it's been a long time since I have enjoyed an honest, deep kiss..but when I used to I could kiss for agggeeessss

* Deep kissing has been deemed, via research, to be more intimate than sex (particularly for women). This in itself is worth noting
* The tongue is an incredible receptor so you'd think the combo of someone having eaten chocolate and then kissing you would be one of the ultimate enjoyment scenarios!

* Given the research why hasn't someone invented a chocolate mouth spray (as they have choc body paint)?

Re the music, I often ponder that my IPod has what has comforted me and held me in enjoyment for decades. Jethro Tull is one. Talking Heads is another. I recently nominated 'george' on Lovemarks because despite even the rare songs of theirs I'm not totally in to I still admire the art of her voice. And I came to enjoy them layer after layer each time I listened.

I also ponder what induces us to listen to [new] music that we may usually pass over. I think often it's admiration, intrigue, a crush, wanting to please or someone being forceful :)

So, let's make chocolate mousse, you listen to one of my songs and I'll listen to one of yours and then, as the mousse sets we can lick the spoons..and...

Susan956 said...

I really like that image you chose..there is something lovely about the fulsome covering of the chocolate powder without gaps and without spillage. If this implies I am fussy about such things [as a rule] then I've been erroneous but I do know that as a child I fresh writing pads... such promise.

Susan956 said...

When you think about it, how often has a chocolate ad really shown 'two' in a sensual moment? The ones I recall tend to have a woman being quasi auto erotic with choc (sex replacement and apparently being none to perturbed about that).

Of course I know many women who dress for a formal attire cocktail party - for a night home alone - and who pose with choc in hand..just for the enjoyment of it *grin*

Wai said...

Dear Sir,

Mr. Ham told me a great deal of inspiration about you, sir. I am still new to the industry, there are still much to learn. The five senses we have, I think I only manage to use one – sight but not fully experience the impossible. You are very right about the power within the senses we have. I wish you well, sir, at coming the Global Brand Forum 2007.

nathanspictorials said...

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Susan956 said...

wai..What about the sixth sense..let's call it the intuitive sense? Do you have intuitive moments in a store, at home, about creative business? Sometimes consumers predict a likely failure..certain television shows come to mind..yet the show is aired with the exec producer ultimately waxing dainty about lack of audience interest or understanding.

Hmm..who failed to perhaps listen?
(Though this isn't a good intuitive example as such)

BELOT said...

Susan,want to know about the sixth sense? Try to understand my blog and the future telling paintings.
About chocolate: the best I ever tried, in Belgium (of course) "Chocolat Jacques"-

Susan956 said...


The chocolate to which I referred came from Ghiradelli out of San Fran (my son's favourite place). Their peppermint centres are worth hanging around the post office delivery centre for :)

I read that blog article of yours with interest and seeing your commentary from a design and art perspective.

Have you heard the comment that there are actually no new themes to be developed in books because all possible have been done? That the best we can now do are new insights and new configurations? Perhaps this is what leads to proactive perceptive designs? Perhaps on the other hand you DO have some innate connection with pattern and this leads you to be ahead of the pack.

The gifting element is a little like feng shui but with a twist. Perhaps your gift brings a connection between that person and the natural world (and this terrestrial connectivity just naturally brings good luck). Do you tend to see patterns in the earth and the landscape?

I didn't have an inner understanding of indigenous relation to earth until many years ago when I came across a particular area between Goulburn and Canberra. I can't say it was aesthetically attractive as such but the place absolutely throbbed with spiritual essence [to me] and it still resonates 30 years later when I think of the spot. Via this experience I 'got' how many indigenous people must feel. (Tho I should say that with humility and no 'absolute' claim of parallel knowledge).

White autochthony (white indigeneity) is an interesting topic unto itself).