Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Museum of Moss

On every day that doesn’t start with an ‘S’, I can guarantee one moment that will make me smile. That’s when I check out the Daily New from Moss. This is another bright idea from the brightest of design gurus, Murray Moss, who runs New York’s best design store and was featured in a recent Vanity Fair. The Daily New is always surprising, often mysterious and sometimes provocative – just like the store itself. The Moss enterprise unashamedly sets out to create a different kind of experience. Forget the feel-me/touch-me spirit of most retail innovation and check out Moss souvenirs to get the spirit of the place. T-shirts, pens and mouse emblazoned with "Please do not touch" and "Photography is not permitted". Murray Moss’s inspired idea was to combine retail and a museum. To examine what lies in the glass cases in his store in Greene Street is to experience the frisson that comes from untouchable, amazing objects and the knowledge that if you really want them, they could be yours. This is the promise of Mystery at its most sophisticated. Moss is soon to open in Melrose in LA (as soon as any of you get in the door I’d love to hear what it’s like). Let’s see how he meets the LA challenge.

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Susan956 said...

Kevin, From what you say in this blog it seems it's the mystery of the objects - their unreachability (but the promise you say) - that has tweaked you more than the actual objects themselves. But then I read again and I focused this time round on the twining of retail/museum. Here it's not just the mystery but the positioning and presentation. How many of us as children walked through museums in awe of the rare, the beautiful, the amazing. This indeed is a very clever concept from Moss because it raises even the most common item into an aura of difference - away from expected commonality. I find the pandas amusing by the way. Would one dare sit and squish their little faces and bodies? :)