Thursday, May 10, 2007

Honoring Bob Isherwood

When I joined Saatchi & Saatchi, I knew I had to have at my side the most inspirational person I could find in this new world of ideas and creativity. That this person was Bob Isherwood turned out to be one of the most amazing strokes of good fortune I’ve had in my life. Bob is a fantastic creative, a true connector, a great friend and an inspired Worldwide Creative Director for Saatchi & Saatchi. Although he has been in advertising all his life, and is still one of the most modest men I know, there is only one word to capture who he is. Winner. He was a winner when he stepped up to receive the first-ever Golden Lion for Australia at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival. He was a winner when he helped found Australia’s legendary advertising agency The Campaign Palace. He was a huge winner when he dedicated his passion and commitment to the Award for World Changing Ideas. The list just keeps on growing, but inspiring it all is what I personally value most about Bob - his extraordinary empathy and intuition. Bob’s brain seems to be hot-wired to his heart in some unique way I can’t quite figure out. I have seen Bob come up with extraordinary, simple and beautiful ideas and solutions, not once but a hundred times, and each time share them with a generosity and warmth that delights everyone involved. I am in Miami to join the advertising industry as we honor Bob with the 2007 Lifetime Achievement Award by the International Clio Awards. What an amazing and inspirational contribution you have made, Bob. Thank you.


Kempton said...

Bob, Congrats for the award.

Kevin, Thanks a lot for reminding us of the International Clio Awards. I wished the videos of the shortlisted ads are right there for viewers to watch.

But thanks to various video sites, I am getting my chance to see them. And I am even placing my private bets on who are going to win in some of the categories. Just to see if I am right, should be fun.


Sandra Mendiburu said...


You probably don’t remember me, but I was the crazy girl that went to the stage during the Clio’s dinner and offered a glass of red wine to a golden statue!!
I had a great time at the party, and was an honor to share the same room with incredibly talented people, starting with you. I was particularly impressed by the testimonials of people you touch during your life, not only professionally, but personally. You are an inspiration to all of us, and I keep my dream of one day being part of your team.

Thanks and well deserved congratulations!!

Sandra Mendiburu

Susan956 said...

No matter what I research or look into, I tend to take minimalist glimpses, think an awful lot and come to some preliminary decisions, before I head into a more fulsome review of what is available on the topic. I answer critiques of this by asserting that this process ensures I push myself before being potentially influenced by the ideas and presence of others.

It's taken me therefore a while before I have taken more than glimpses of Bob Isherwood. I just watched part of the following and a very small part in fact and I had to turn it off.

My impressions of Bob firstly.

He is extremely aware of what is going on around him - extremely. How he deals with sensory overload would be an interesting question to pose.

He has a lot of humility. He was more relaxed with another party entered into the interview and he could attend to them rather than the full attention being on himself.

He is very smart but also knows when to divest tasks to others. I suspect does not suffer fools gladly. These came out in a couple of ways.

I then switched this off. I am, I admit, often frustrated by a) interviewers interrupting the person they are seeking to illuminate and, b) disappointed by lost question opportunities (or disappointed at the predictability of questions).

I also switched off because my own being was beginning to quiver in response to Bob's energy. Sounds nutty but I almost longer to be in a room hitting him with soft foam beanbags - just to 'out' the rising energy I was feeling.

I didn't watch enough to obtain insights from him about advertising or how one may enter the industry or where directions are headed. But for now I got a decent clutch of info. I'd perhaps seek a different source next time.

anthony butler said...

That last comment was a little weird even for me... but back to Bob Isherwood. He was perhaps the first Australian Creative to be successful in a Worldwide role, paving the way for people like David Droga and Matt Eastwood.

When he was working in Australia, it was hard to find anyone who would say a bad word about him... And people whose opinion I respect (Mike Newman) speak very highly of Bob's intellect and leadership.

As a creative who is now working to increase the development of renewable energy sources, I know there is no shortage of 'real world' challenges for someone like Bob Isherwood. I wish him all the best as he looks for the right opportunity for his talents.

arb: cambridge, ma