Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Turn Your Life Around

Turn Your Life Around - Four words that have meant a lot in my life when they are shortened to TYLA. This remarkable programme was started back in 1996. The idea was to help kids at risk make positive choices for themselves by giving them the right support, the right mentoring and the right opportunities. The New Zealand Police were involved from the start – the kids selected for the programme really are at serious risk – and this partnership still drives the organization. We all know how easy it is to make the wrong choices when we are young. For most of us there are family and friends to get us back on track, but what happens to the people who are on their own? That’s where TYLA steps in with camps and mentoring, challenges and values, long-term advice and support. While in New Zealand this week, I was honored by the Rotary Club of Auckland with a Paul Harris Award. Rotary were there with financial support at the very beginning when TYLA was an untried idea, so it was fantastic to be at this event to accept the Award on the behalf of the whole TYLA team.


Mahi said...

From Lovemarks to TYLA! I can't leave this page without clicking the book mark button. Keep posting Mr. Kevin.

Kempton said...

Congrats on the award but I am sure your true reward is seeing how TYLA turns these young people's life around. Great stuff.

allison said...

Good to read of children receiving support through this program. I believe when children are raised in an environment leading to an ‘at serious risk’ future, it is very difficult for them to understand any other way of life. In a way, to be a part of the program must be a huge, brave and trusting step for the children to take, and it’s fantastic to see people there for them, supporting them as they do. I agree with you Kempton, the reward must be in seeing positive changes in the children’s lives.