Friday, April 27, 2007

To London And Back On The Eurostar

Traveling by air in Europe is not quite as bad as the domestic pain involved in U.S. air travel, but it’s up there. That’s why over recent years, the Eurostar has become a Lovemark to me. The last time I had meetings in London, I traveled from Paris and back on the Eurostar, returning the same day. It’s two-and-a-half hours each way and you get to leave from the center of Paris and arrive in the center of London. The experience is completely hassle-free, friendly, comfortable and productive. Low key, low stress and high enjoyment. You can make phone calls, work, read the papers, listen to your iPod or have a business meeting with a colleague. There are no luggage delays, no weather delays, no traffic delays, no getting to and from out-of-town airports. Now that’s pure joy. And there is something about train travel that takes you back to more relaxed times, which I really love. I’m in Paris frequently, as it is the headquarters of our parent company Publicis. Eurostar is by far the best way to leave and return, rested and ready to enjoy one of the most beautiful cities in the world. As daily living becomes more frantic and time more precious, Lovemarks will be the brands that understand how to create experiences that give us back time.


Tom West said...

Dear Kevin,

I am starting to get the concept of lovemarks after this post. I also have to say that my trip on the Thalys (same owner, different colour) train from Paris to Amsterdam was something that I will never forget. The trip through lovely rural France, Belgium, and Holland at 300 KMH while I sat in the dining car eating dinner was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. It costs a few more dollars, but the experience and all the other things that you listed were well worth it. It also shaved over four hours off the total trip time. You hit it right on the head and that definitely deserves a lovemark.

Tom West

klaudija cermak said...

I love trains! There is another great train linking Paris and Venice that deserves lovemark.
It leaves Paris at 8pm and one wakes up at 8am in Venice. The restaurant on board keeps one entertained for hours.
And another great train is Metropolitan that runs Hamburg - Koeln. It has three sections, office, club and silence for those that wish to work, those that wish to watch videos and those that wish to travel in peace. Another lovemark.
Klaudija Cermak

Fabio said...

I love trains too...particularly windows views... but mr Roberts...try to experiment a Rome-Milan Eurostar train and you will be surprised about what a shame is the service you need to consider the fortune to find the perfect coach, I mean the place without continuous noises (es. cell ringtones, lauds, screams dramas)...Sometimes is better to take a plan, better if long-haul, to find a quiet and peaceful atmosphere...time to reflect and overcome the crowded and noisy daily routine...still consider needed the extention of phone call services on the plane? :)

ron samuel said...

Dear Kevin,

I am also a lover of trains and 30 minutes into our trip from Lari in Tuscany, to Padova in the region of Venice, one of our colleagues exclaimed, "why didn't we take the train?" Trains in Italy in general are a love mark for me.

They drop me off into the center of any city and many of the coincidences, which turned out to be turning points in my life, began at the end of a train ride.

Your book Lovemarks has really been a hit with many of my clients. I had such a hard time explaining my approach to corporate communications here in Italy, even though we have been having great results with our clients at getting at least one of them lots of national and international attention with almost no budget to speak of. Now all I do is make Lovemarks required reading for my clients and collaborators and as a result it makes it allot easier for us to all be on the same page.

The book Lovemarks has become one of my tools and a Lovemark for me because it makes my business life much easier.

Ron Samuel

Allison said...

Ok, you've all got me wanting to go on these trains! My to do list is getter longer! Thanks, it's great to read about these experiences.

NZ Ally