Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Talking To The Women Presidents’ Organization

Last week I talked with the Women Presidents’ Organization. The WPO is a national forum in the U.S. for women who are leaders. Many of them own their own companies. All of them are smart, determined, inspirational and connected. We met up in Scottsdale, Arizona which is a great town. Amazing climate, the home of serious golf mania, and the location of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West. There’s a great NY connection for me here because Taliesin is where he designed my Lovemark - the Guggenheim museum. Having nailed 20th century architecture, maybe Scottsdale should step up to the 21st century and entice the world’s top woman architect Zaha Hadid to do something amazing in their city.

In many ways, that level of radical challenge was the theme of my talk to the WPO. I called it “Heartbeat.” You’d have to have been asleep not to know that women control most consumer spending decisions worldwide. I even quoted the Financial Times: “Forget China, India and even new technologies – for the past 10 years the number one vector for global growth has been women.” All this adds up to the simple fact that women are driving a major shift in the economy. Women are the ones creating the Attraction Economy. Attract women and your business is on its way. Take the old cliché that women are attracted by pink. Whether that’s true or not I couldn’t say for sure. The Wall Street Journal (inevitably) calculated that the price of non-vintage rose champagne is 15 to 20 percent higher than non-vintage white. Then to confound the female clichés, Advertising Age discovered that for women aged 55 to 64 their second favorite leisure activity was – playing online games. Their favorite was watching TV. Yes, women are a paradox. Thank goodness.