Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Rose Is A Rose Is A Sally de Rose

How do you respond when someone who has made a priceless contribution decides to retire? For Sally de Rose we selected 100 pink roses and tied to each a note from one of the people she has touched.

Sally was our go-to person for the world. A true and inspired connector. As the head of our I-Site Central team she was the glue that kept the Network together. Having trouble finding some information? We’d call Sally. Don’t know what’s going on in Costa Rica? Sally could put you in touch with the right person on the spot. Want to share a creative idea with the Network? Sally would help unleash and spread your idea.

The pink-themed farewell party at Charlotte Street in London was stylish, fun and moving. As sorry as we all are to see her go, we know someone like Sally has a fantastic journey ahead. Connecting by computers, broadband and cell phones is irreplaceable. Connecting with the inspiration of Sally de Rose – irresistible.