Thursday, April 19, 2007

Love List #1

There’s nothing better than a list. I write them all the time, sorting out experiences, prioritizing things to do, reviewing what’s been achieved and putting experiences together. Here’s a list I wrote on a flight across the Pacific. The question was: what are ten things that make you say, “I love you.”

1: The Bvlgari Hotel in Milan. An unbeatable immersion in sensorial experience.

2: Benesse House on the Japanese Island of Naoshima. The museum attached to this incredible hotel has one of American artist James Turrell’s greatest sky works. A seriously hard place to get to but worth every local train and bus ride.

3: Moss in New York City, the best design store in the world which offers a great daily email reminder of ‘extraordinarily fabulous items.’ Subscribe now to The Daily New sent on every day that doesn’t start with “S”.

4: Dongtan eco-city in China. Welcome to the world’s first purpose-built sustainable cosmopolis.

5: The statue of Bruce Lee in Mostar, Bosnia. "We will always be Muslims, Serbs or Croats," Veselin Gatalo of a youth group told the BBC, "But one thing we all have in common is Bruce Lee." A must-see.

6: Miss Sixty Hotel in Riccione, Northern Italy. A different artist decorated each of the 39 rooms: creative chaos.

7: The Woo Bar in the W Seoul. Try it.

8: Walking the Milford Track in New Zealand. Simply the best escape from urban concrete on the planet.

9: Michael’s Nook Cottage in Grasmere. My haven, and ‘back to my roots’ new home in the heart of England’s Lake District.

10: Blanc Bleu. Headquartered in St Tropez, this has got to be the most authentic casual ocean fashion on earth.