Thursday, April 19, 2007

Love List #1

There’s nothing better than a list. I write them all the time, sorting out experiences, prioritizing things to do, reviewing what’s been achieved and putting experiences together. Here’s a list I wrote on a flight across the Pacific. The question was: what are ten things that make you say, “I love you.”

1: The Bvlgari Hotel in Milan. An unbeatable immersion in sensorial experience.

2: Benesse House on the Japanese Island of Naoshima. The museum attached to this incredible hotel has one of American artist James Turrell’s greatest sky works. A seriously hard place to get to but worth every local train and bus ride.

3: Moss in New York City, the best design store in the world which offers a great daily email reminder of ‘extraordinarily fabulous items.’ Subscribe now to The Daily New sent on every day that doesn’t start with “S”.

4: Dongtan eco-city in China. Welcome to the world’s first purpose-built sustainable cosmopolis.

5: The statue of Bruce Lee in Mostar, Bosnia. "We will always be Muslims, Serbs or Croats," Veselin Gatalo of a youth group told the BBC, "But one thing we all have in common is Bruce Lee." A must-see.

6: Miss Sixty Hotel in Riccione, Northern Italy. A different artist decorated each of the 39 rooms: creative chaos.

7: The Woo Bar in the W Seoul. Try it.

8: Walking the Milford Track in New Zealand. Simply the best escape from urban concrete on the planet.

9: Michael’s Nook Cottage in Grasmere. My haven, and ‘back to my roots’ new home in the heart of England’s Lake District.

10: Blanc Bleu. Headquartered in St Tropez, this has got to be the most authentic casual ocean fashion on earth.


Wassim said...

Interesting. Inspiring.

Stan Lee said...

As that well known Torquay hotelier Basil Fawlty once said: Pretentious?....Moi?

Josephine said...

10 things that make me say Ilove u

My family

All my close friends

Every time God Saves Me From Misfortune

When someone tells me the truth

All the doctors and nurses at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

Watching any movie with Gary Cooper

The Movie High Noon

Bill Clinton

Nelson Mandela

When a pilot lands at my destination safely, I want to just marry him.

Thank You
Josephine Dwaah-Fay

Susan Plunkett said...

I've come back to this topic a couple of times and find this one of the most challenging of all to respond to. Ten things that lead me to be inspired to say "I love you". I couldn't do ten things. I could do about 3. I feel oddly disturbed by this because I consider myself quite a passionate person on many levels yet feeling the urge to express "I love you" doesn't happen that often in my life. I do say it to my son fairly regularly but that is about it. I only hear it from my son (regularly that is). An aunt and I occasionally express it but that is the end of the line.

Sometimes I feel the emotion bubble up from within and the words emerge in my soul. What generates that? That's hard for me to express.

Most often I feel grateful or gratefully surprised, or, enchanted. You know the feeling - when someone comes out with words or an idea that really stops you for a second and you think..far out..brilliant. I really treasure those moments.

I was never really told I was loved as a child and perhaps when one isn't told this, the expression doesn't become part of one's natural fabric.

I am musing..trailing off..I don't know...

I hope it's a topic I can return to some time in the future with a more fulsome response. But for me, gratitude seems to replace love.

Susan Plunkett said...

I clicked submit and went elsewhere and then thought..Loyalty. I tend to be very loyal as opposed to feeling 'love' as such. I suspect I have love locked away and am frightened to let it out. Or life has frightened me terribly at a couple of points. How's this for honest disclosure on the blog.